Black Lives Matter should also take on ‘black-on-black crime’ – The Washington Post

The Political Agitator’s response: I constantly try to figure out how folk want to compare the police brutality and black on black crime. When it comes to police brutality a police has been identified whether it be real or perceived, but someone has been identified and blamed for the death. Black on black crime the majority of the time a person is not identified because folk say they haven’t seen anything, in which I have a problem with because I believe somebody seen or know something. When it comes to black on black crime folk are loyal to whoever or whatever or just simply afraid to tell it. And then what is ignant to me is that some want to make it appear that because I have a problem with police brutality that I don’t have a problem with black on black crime. Oh heck no, I have a serious problem with both. I have participated in much pertaining to black on black crime, marches, candlelight vigils and etc. However I have come to the conclusion that I will not attend these types of events because I have been doing so since the early 90’s and seen little to no progress. The only thing that is going to stop the black on black crime is those who are doing the crime to have a change of heart. Heck yeah black lives matter no matter who takes their lives but comparing police brutality to black on black crime is not the answer. Both issues need to be dealt with individually and discussed in depth in all communities. I am not ignant to the fact that all lives matter. I am not ignant to the fact that when a police kill a black person and a black person kill a black person that it is not the same, a black life. This article like so many say what should matter but don’t say how to carry out dealing with black on black crime. Okay I got the following: And at one level, this is all common sense. If a mother has a hard time coming to the conclusion that losing a child at the hands of criminals is a lesser tragedy than if she’d lost her child to cops, what is she missing? If Black Lives Matter and its supporters’ response is that they indeed do think it’s just as catastrophic that she lost her child to violence within the community, then why not back up that sense of urgency with action? So what action can be taken? Tell me so I can share it so I can implement it is my coming and going and most of all so that I can share it with others.

Black Lives Matter has done the nation a service by forcing Americans to reckon with a horrifying spate of police killings of unarmed African Americans. Without the movement, the names Eric Garner and Walter Scott wouldn’t resonate. Nor would Sandra Bland, who died in police custody and whose name was invoked during the most recent presidential debate. Despite this, Black Lives Matter has been severely taken to task, if not outright scorned, for its focus on police killings when, as its critics readily note, people in black neighborhoods are often at much more danger of being killed by other black people. (Source: Read more)

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter should also take on ‘black-on-black crime’ – The Washington Post

  1. Great post it is people’s rational behind the black lives matter moment that has me puzzled. Some compare it to a civil rights movement like those of Dr Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. I often ask the “supporters” what do you want what do you expect who is your leader ? Those questions often go unanswered. Your post def resinates with me due to I’ve seen black men and women murdered by each other all of my life and now it’s time for a change. The black lives matter movement should start in our own communities. With that being said police brutality is a issue in America and should be addressed. Let’s fix our communities.


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