Tarboro council bickers over police car proposal – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: They are still ignant over there. I haven’t attended and videoed a meeting in quite some time but I see the ignance continue. However there is another member too that is not an official member that works for the Edgecombe Tribune. This person keeps mess going on as well as it relates to the board. The problem is that Jordan don’t know her place that she need to sit down and shut up because the good ole boys haven’t given her permission to say anything. Thank you Jordan for speaking up on the issues. But the main thang you mean to tell me that it ain’t about race. It is obvious that they have a problem with this black police chief because they continue to allow him to be singled out during meeting when it should not be up for discussion. You can find mess on one of The Edgecombe Tribune’s employee’s personal page constantly supporting Shepherd mess.

TARBORO – Ongoing animosity among Tarboro Town Council members arose again during arguments over police vehicles at Monday’s meeting.

Councilman Garland Shepheard picked up his complaints about police vehicle upfitting from last month’s meeting, continuing an apparent policy of questioning any decision by Police Chief Damon Williams.

Town staff submitted two proposals to add sirens and equipment to newly purchased vehicles.

B&G Electronics and Communications in Dover made an offer of $71,971.11 and Southern Warning Systems of Angier made an offer of $62,579.12. (Source: Read more)


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