Black motorcycle dealer threatened into backing out of Justice Or Else? Justice or Else

LOS ANGELES – Many different groups and organizations are rallying and making preparations for the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March themed “Justice Or Else!”, including bikers who were planning to travel across the country and meet at the Harley-Davidson dealership owned by Thomas Moorehead in Fort Washington, Md., right outside of D.C., until he withdrew the invitation, according to a staff person who did not want to be identified.

Mr. Moorhead changed his mind about allowing Bikers Ride for Justice Or Else,” also known as “Ride for Justice” to gather at his dealership en route to the Oct. 10 gathering  after a backlash. It included an online petition condemning Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan by repeating false charges of advocating violence. The lie has been repeated in right wing media and in some social media circles. In its 85-year history in the U.S., there have been no instances of unprovoked attacks on Whites or killing of Whites by members of the Nation of Islam. However there are cases of White police officers attacking, killing, falsely arresting and jailing Muslims since the 1930s. (Source: Read more)


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