North Carolina A.G. Faces Racial Tensions Over Police Trial Before Run for Governor – National Journal

The Political Agitator’s response: I am struggling with this verdict and then my Attorney General seeing no need to try the case again. This is just sad!

North Car­o­lina At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Roy Cooper is plan­ning on run­ning for gov­ernor next year. That makes the Demo­crat one of the first at­tor­neys gen­er­al in the post-Fer­guson era to run for high­er of­fice after tangling with an emo­tion­al tri­al in­volving an un­armed black man killed by a white po­lice of­ficer.

Cooper’s of­fice re­cently over­saw the case against Ran­dall “Wes” Ker­rick, a Char­lotte po­lice of­ficer who shot an un­armed black man, Jonath­an Fer­rell, 10 times in 2013 after Fer­rell was in a late-night car ac­ci­dent and ap­proached a nearby house. The case ended in a mis­tri­al after the 12-mem­ber jury couldn’t re­turn a un­an­im­ous ver­dict, and Cooper said last month that he didn’t plan to try Ker­rick again giv­en the lack of new evid­ence. (Source: Read more)


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