Sad But Happy! Let Justin Dupree Legacy Be A Lesson For Us All!

I was sadden to receive a phone call on this morning around 8:45 AM asking me had I heard about Justin Dupree dying last night. I said no. The person said he was playing football with the semi-pro team from Rocky Mount. I called one of the church members that were riding with me to church to tell him what time I would pick him up and he asked me had I heard about Justin. This was 2 reliable resources. The first thing I did then was to go on Facebook to see what I could find and sure enough it was there. Well I still didn’t post anything and decided to wait until I get back from church because by this time I would have collected all kinds of information.

I am sad on today to learn that a smart young man whom I have never heard anything about from little old Pinetops had died. Justin was an outstanding student at SouthWest Edgecombe in 2009 and received an academic scholarship to go to North Carolina State University and would also play football. I used to record him playing football and basketball at SouthWest. I was so proud of him because he was good boy. He was good playing sports but what I loved about him was he was good academically. I went to school with his mom Angela. My daughter India Dancy went to school with Justin.

I am happy because I didn’t get a call today or see on social media and/or tv that Justin was killed because he was out there. Justin was out there but out there being an example of what a young man should be. He graduated from high school and furthered his education at NC State University and was doing one of the things he loved playing football on a Saturday night. He could have been doing some crazy mess like some of these young folk are doing these days living the dangerous life. I understand Justin was about to begin a job on tomorrow in the field that he went to school for.

Justin touched my life and so did many others. But most of all I hope I touched his by supporting him while in high school and encouraging him to be all he could be. So for all of you who say he touched your life, did you do anything to touch his? If you did, you may be the reason why he stayed focused although he endured some obstacles like all of us but you see when we touch each others life positively we help each other.

If you didn’t do anything that you feel may have touched Justin, I ask that you find a youth today and reach out to them. I don’t mean to discriminate either, the youth can be a good one or one that some may consider bad. We must encourage our youth to be the best they can be so they can be encouraged to stay focused and keep their eyes on the prize.

I don’t recall the last time I seen Justin but I tell you I have never heard anything negative about him. I am so proud of him. He has left a legacy for all of the youth in Pinetops and I challenge you to do it for Justin. If I had enough money I would have some t-shirts made, “Do It For Justin!” Be all you can be, stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.

Justin didn’t make it to his job in the field that he furthered his education but I am so glad to know that I truly believe he has a seat in God’s Kingdom.

Homegoing Celebration For Justin Dupree Formerly of Pinetops NC

My condolences goes out to Angela Dupree and the entire family of the late Justin Dupree Raleigh NC.

I will never forget recording Justin playing football and basketball at SouthWest Edgecombe High School. However what I loved about him most was not that he was good on the field but he was better off the field. He was a very smart academic young man who endured some obstacles but he was determined he was going to be the best he could. I was so proud to learn that he was receiving an academic scholarship to go to NC State and would also play football there. After he graduated from high school I didn’t see him much but when I ran into his mother which was rarely, I would always ask her about him. He made her so proud and she would let me know that. Justin was also my daughter India Dancy classmate SWE Class of 2009.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

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Tarboro NC – ECPS Announces Family Resource Center


 ECPS Announces Family Resource Center

For immediate release on September 10, 2015


Tarboro, NC – Families of Edgecombe County Public Schools (ECPS) will soon have access to the new ECPS Family Resource Center, aimed at strengthening families in our community and helping students arrive at school ready to succeed.


“Community is one of our ECPS Core Values. The Family Resource Center is another step in strengthening our partnership with our parents,” said ECPS Superintendent John Farrelly.


The recent donation from Barnhill Contracting Company of the ECPS Administrative office building allowed space to be available to open the center, which will be housed in the Bridgers Building, located at 710 Panola Street in Tarboro.


The ECPS Family Resource Center will be committed to providing a range of activities, workshops, and resources to help parents develop essential knowledge and skills which will allow them to actively participate in the education of their student.


“Our goal for the Family Resource Center is create a learning hub for the community; a warm and inviting environment for all families of Edgecombe County Public Schools to utilize,” said Dr. Valerie Bridges, ECPS Associate Superintendent. “We are ecstatic to offer this for our community – students, staff, parents, family, and friends.”


Teachers across the district are providing input on ideas and strategies they feel will be valuable to parents as they assist their students.


“Children fall in love with reading while their parents read bedtime stories to them. I’d love to see classes offered where story time is modeled for our parents,” said Martin Millennium Academy first-grade teacher Andi Green. “Another idea is to expose parents to fun ways to explore and practice spelling words.”


Families will also have access to a library and a technology lab, which can be utilized by parents as they assist their student with homework.


The Family Resource Center will be open Monday through Thursday, while the center’s coordinator will travel to the schools on Fridays of each week for various community outreach programs. The center is targeted to open by Thanksgiving.


“Research consistently supports the essential role parents play in their child’s academic success,” said ECPS School Board Chair Evelyn Wilson. “We are excited about providing opportunities for parental engagement which will ultimately increase student achievement.”


Susan C. Hoke

Communications Coordinator

(252) 641-2678