Anti-gay KY Clerk’s Case a New Twist on ‘Right to Work’ – Portside

There’s a difference between ‘right-to-work’, which limits agreements between workers’ unions and employers, and First Amendment restrictions on government in matters of religion, speech, expression, association and so on. For conservatives, though, rights are rolled up into one, giant “freedom” ball aimed at imposing individual beliefs at the expense of democracy right down to the duties of a job. Who then are the prisoners of conscience?

To many in the labor movement, the case of Rowan County, KY, clerk Kim Davis just might have a familiar ring to it. Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds and ordered deputy clerks to do the same. In effect, she has asserted a right to skirt fundamental obligations of employment-an act that is at the heart of so-called “right to work” (RTW) laws adopted by half of these not-so United States of America.

Not that she’s getting away with it. She was jailed for defying a court order. The right-wing is reliably behind her, justifying, as they have with RTW, the refusal of job requirements based on personal belief. (Source: Read more)


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