School board seeks input on superintendent search – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: First of all I question why the search should be taking place because the former superintendent should be still in Rocky Mount and not in Vance County since this school board forced him to resign. It is someone interesting how the board say they want input from the community but didn’t listen to the community during the time they ran the superintendent out of town. School board member Brenda Brown said she hopes that the use of the surveys will help create a sense of unity in the process.“Our heart’s desire is that we work together as a family as we move forward in this process,” Brown said. “As a school board, we value everyone’s perspective as we decide what we are looking for as we search for a new school superintendent. In the end, we want to be a successful school system that benefits every student in the system.” I say what the hell? The only thing this board need is some new members because those members who didn’t respond to the community when they ran the former superintendent out of town without giving a reason, why should the community trust them with their children? Just my ignant opinion.

Members of the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education are asking for input from community members and employees as they strive to define the characteristics they want in a new superintendent for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

In order to gather input, the school system has set up a short community survey that can be accessed by clicking the survey link on the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools main webpage at The surveys can be completed online and must be submitted by Sept. 14.

Interim School Superintendent Dr. Travis Twiford encouraged parents and community members to participate in the process by completing the survey so that school board members will be aware of the community’s vision of leadership. (Source: Read more)


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