Vester Lee Flanagan was fired, escorted from Virginia TV station WDBJ in 2013: court docs – Daily News

The Political Agitator’s response: This is sad for all families. Someone posted a comment on my page saying I had not said much about this incident. Well I don’t know much about it and really had not had time to research it. The person said that Flanagan was a homosexual but this person is the only person that have brought this to my knowledge. I don’t have a problem with anyone’s sexual preference. But what does that have to do with the motive here? Now what I am reading into this is that Flanagan has accused some of racial discrimination and I don’t find that hard to believe. Does it make it right was he did, take the the lives of 2 co-workers and wounded a 3rd person, oh hell no. Do I believe the racial concerns are real, I know they could be. Folk better be careful how folk treat folk because they can make one hurt them or hurt others. This is very sad!

His last day on the job was a warning.

The gunman who fatally shot a Virginia news reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast Wednesday was asked to seek medical help before being fired and escorted from the station by police two years ago, according to court papers.

Vester Lee Flanagan was let go from WDBJ-TV in Feb. 1, 2013 during a heated meeting caught on camera by Adam Ward, the cameraman Flanagan killed Wednesday, according to a lawsuit filed against the station by the jilted reporter in 2014. (Source: Read more)


One thought on “Vester Lee Flanagan was fired, escorted from Virginia TV station WDBJ in 2013: court docs – Daily News

  1. I haven’t read an article yet that said he went around looking for reasons to call others racist. Post the links.

    Call me whatever you like but show me a post that I have called anyone a racist without justification. Post the links.

    Why don’t you ask them about the 23 page manifesto because I don’t have it. But what tickles the hell out of me is how you and other racist want to compare it to Charleston? Hell the shooting in Charleston he didn’t know the folk he killed and he had not accused them of doing anything to him. So we ain’t going to get into the debate of trying to compare apples to organges. Not!

    Anyone that knows the real history of America knows the killings of black folk by whites that will take decades for blacks to catch up with killing whites.

    Ignant the black guy killed to and in Charleston the white guy killed 9.

    Now since every comment you have tried to justify something, don’t know what but I ain’t got time to keep responding to you over a senseless murder when you are full of bullmanure.

    Post the links that I asked you to and then you will be posting the whole story but you will not be posting half-truths on my page. I have no problem with the truth but I do have a problem with half-truths.

    You will not continue to post mess on my page so go find you another blog or create your own.


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