Fitting Ready To Do Some More Changing

Going to focus on things that matter most. Been focusing on certain things but folk ain’t appreciative so therefore it is over now.

Going to do away with some things that are not needed such as expenses that I can do without and/or can reduce the expense.

Going to resign from doing some things so I can free myself up and that means just relaxing on the computer. The main thing is I will be at home or at my daddy’s house. My main focus will be home, church, attending school sporting events and whatever matters most to me.

I have been promoting folk who are ungrateful so if I quit promoting them, they can make it so it does not matter if I do. What will matter is the time I invest in doing what I do.

I am going to stop trying to attend so many events capturing history and will pick and choose what I attend because obviously history does not mean anything to a lot of folk.

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