Fitting Ready To Do Some More Changing

Going to focus on things that matter most. Been focusing on certain things but folk ain’t appreciative so therefore it is over now.

Going to do away with some things that are not needed such as expenses that I can do without and/or can reduce the expense.

Going to resign from doing some things so I can free myself up and that means just relaxing on the computer. The main thing is I will be at home or at my daddy’s house. My main focus will be home, church, attending school sporting events and whatever matters most to me.

I have been promoting folk who are ungrateful so if I quit promoting them, they can make it so it does not matter if I do. What will matter is the time I invest in doing what I do.

I am going to stop trying to attend so many events capturing history and will pick and choose what I attend because obviously history does not mean anything to a lot of folk.

See What Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NC NAACP State President Had To Say In Response To AG: No retrial of Charlotte officer in fatal shooting

The Political Agitator’s response: I must agree with the response from my State NAACP President during the Rocky Mount NAACP Image Awards. Maybe the AG has justification for his response other than he is running for Governor and trying to appease some folk. But what Dr. Barber said makes sense to me. See it for yourself and please comment. Watch the response: Video/Photos: Rocky Mount NAACP 3rd Annual Image Awards Featured Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NC State President/National Board Member

Charlotte, N.C. — The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office will not retry a white Charlotte police officer whose voluntary manslaughter trial in the death of a black man ended with a hung jury last week, officials said Friday.

Senior Deputy Attorney General Robert Montgomery said in a letter to Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray that charges against Officer Randall Kerrick would be dismissed. The Attorney General’s Office handled the prosecution to avoid any conflict of interest for Mecklenburg County prosecutors. (Source: Read more)

SouthWest Edgecombe Football Player Injured During A Gun Shot On Last Night

My son just told me that Quontellas Norwood had been shot last night. As always when I hear something I do some research. I visited Norwood’s page and I got a confirmation that it is true.

This is touching because I look forward to seeing my boys on the football field and basketball floor since I video the games.

I really don’t know Norwood’s condition however it was posted by someone on his page he was ok. I will take the trip to the hospital along with my son and a couple of more students.

Wishing Norwood a speedy recovery.


Video/Photos: Rocky Mount NAACP 3rd Annual Image Awards Featured Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NC State President/National Board Member

The Rocky Mount NAACP 3rd Annual Image Awards was held on Saturday August 30, 2015 at the Imperial Centre. The keynote speaker was Dr. Barber.

The Humanitarian of the year was presented to Martha Stith and the Trailblazer Award was presented to NC Rep. Shelly Willingham.

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Vester Lee Flanagan was fired, escorted from Virginia TV station WDBJ in 2013: court docs – Daily News

The Political Agitator’s response: This is sad for all families. Someone posted a comment on my page saying I had not said much about this incident. Well I don’t know much about it and really had not had time to research it. The person said that Flanagan was a homosexual but this person is the only person that have brought this to my knowledge. I don’t have a problem with anyone’s sexual preference. But what does that have to do with the motive here? Now what I am reading into this is that Flanagan has accused some of racial discrimination and I don’t find that hard to believe. Does it make it right was he did, take the the lives of 2 co-workers and wounded a 3rd person, oh hell no. Do I believe the racial concerns are real, I know they could be. Folk better be careful how folk treat folk because they can make one hurt them or hurt others. This is very sad!

His last day on the job was a warning.

The gunman who fatally shot a Virginia news reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast Wednesday was asked to seek medical help before being fired and escorted from the station by police two years ago, according to court papers.

Vester Lee Flanagan was let go from WDBJ-TV in Feb. 1, 2013 during a heated meeting caught on camera by Adam Ward, the cameraman Flanagan killed Wednesday, according to a lawsuit filed against the station by the jilted reporter in 2014. (Source: Read more)