Important Message From The DCN About My Work

Folk you need to understand that I video and take photos everywhere I go and I don’t video or take photos to sell copies so that is why I don’t advertise. I do what I do to capture history and to be able to go back and look at the event at home.

Although I video and take photos for myself, I share the videos and photos on my Social Media Sites. I am now posting my videos on Youtube so now you are able to watch them on your phone.

I don’t go around recording events that are not at a public location, private events such as funerals and etc. and if and when I do, you best believe I get permission from the folk in charge of the event.

Folk don’t even think you are going to get my videos/photos and sell them to make a profit when it is my property. If you want to make a profit then you are going to pay me for my video/photos and then I will give you the rights to sell them however otherwise no one has permission to sell my videos/photos.

Beginning August 26, 2015 any and all of my videos/photos that I release recorded on or before August 26, I  will have who the copyright belongs to printed on each copy because I put labels on my videos/photos.

Local and surrounding media outlets, tv, radio and newspapers have watched my videos to do their stories because the majority of the time they can see it first on The DCN News Blog Online TV. For these sources, I am requesting that you name The DCN News Blog Online TV as the source. When I share other sources information, I make the source known. The difference in the sources and myself, I don’t get paid and do what I do out of pocket.

If anyone should have any questions about any videos/photos then you need to contact me via phone (252) 314-5484 or email .

Donations can be sent to Curmilus Dancy P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, NC 27864. Thanking you in advance.


4 thoughts on “Important Message From The DCN About My Work

  1. First of all I haven’t done my research on this one yet. You are the first one that I have seen to mention that he was gay.

    War on whites? Bullmanure! White folks are the ones whom are responsible for the war on black folks the hangings and etc. in this country.

    Race war? What I do get out of this is without researching it is that he says he has been discriminated against and called racial slurs but your ignant ass didn’t mention that. If you gonna come on my page and expect me to approve your comment, you better tell the whole story and not give bits and pieces of what you want to say.

    Now I am going to research this incident and do a post when time allows, may be today or another day.


  2. You can’t help me because I do my own research and the issue you raised about the black man killing the news reporters that I had not said much about it. I gave you a response. Again it the white folk have killed black folk by the scores and I am not going to get into a debate of your statistics. Again white folk killing black folk have been going on for years and when you can compare the total number of black folk killing white folk to white folk killing black folk end of discussion.

    Again let white folk continue to mistreat black folk and see what happen to them.

    However with the new political climate, there are going to be some white folk who are going to get tired of how they are being treated by white folk who are setting policies that are going to effect them as well. And when it hit home, it is going to be a hell of a mess.


  3. No one believes the man was discriminated against? Too damn ignant! Oh you can speak for all folk. Oh hell no! I know what goes on in the workplace.

    Damn your ignant a.. say no one believed him and then ask the question is killing people the proper response? Ignant I already answered that question but that contradicts you statement about him being discriminated against. I have never worked in a workplace that he has worked in so I be damn if I know what goes on there but I will not doubt it.

    I don’t need to do any research on how many whites have been killed by blacks nor how many blacks have been killed by whites because I know that black folk will have to kill a hell of a lot of white folk in order to take the lead.

    A war on whites? Not an issue for me however the issue best be what are black folk going to do when they are mistreated?

    Ignant I said that it didn’t make it right to kill folk.

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  4. Ignant atleast one was settled out of court.

    Again I will not entertain your half ass truths. So final warning don’t post anything else unless it is truth. I don’t have to agree with you but that’s okay but just post the whole truths and not the truth as you want it to be.

    Now don’t know how you missed it because it was stated at the end of the article. Plus move your comments to the article that I posted about the case and leave this post that has nothing to do with ignant racist white folk and the case where this black man killed 2 white folk. I don’t condone it however when I be a part of the discussion I am going to deal with the whole truth. Hell no it was wrong and since he killed himself it is over.

    Hell yeah I believe it could have happened. Don’t know it as a fact hower what I do know as a fact is that a case was settled out of court. Also it appears that only a few black folk were employed.

    I don’t know what happened and I am not trying to figure it out.


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