Princeville Town Hall Meeting

The meeting went well however I could not understand why a couple of commissioners voted against having a Princeville’s Founders Day. It will not cost the town a dime. Yes I know the speed bump and some other issues are very important, I don’t get it when the solution is this need to be done first. Well why the commissioners can’t work on all of the things? A board of commissioners must be able to multi-task. 

I understand the plea for speed bumps on Otis Avenue and was compared to where the mayor lives however Otis Avenue is a long stretch versus a cuddle sack. I believe the solution to dealing with the speed issue will be taken care of.

A former commissioner spoke during public comments and I think he just wanted to hear himself talk. He talked about the attorney not being there and he walked in. He talked about when will LGC turn the books back over to Princeville and that question was answered. He talked about filing a complaint against the town manager and talking about he had witnesses. What? Happened after the last month’s meeting and you come to this meeting talking you gonna file a complaint. Crazy! File the damn thang! Probably has no validity so therefore he has not filed it.

Overall a very good meeting carried out without much drama.

Well as I always say, look at the meeting for yourself and put your own spin on it.

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