Social Media Oh How I Love How Folk Especially Church Folk Respond To Or Not Respond To Certain Stuff

Social media for me is a wonderful tool and free! It can be a way to educate and to be educated about what should matter to us the most real life issues. But how many folk really use it for such and only respond to stuff that they feel will not be controversial or better yet show who they really are?

I monitor what my Facebook Friends post those that I know on a personal note and those who I have only met online. Although I may not know all of my Facebook friends I try to monitor them to see what they are saying and/or not saying.

I look at what kind of post my friends post, what kind they share and etc. I especially monitor those whom I know on a personal note those whom say they are good folk and my fellow church folk because I need to know how they are thinking.

I told a couple of folk I am going to shift my blog from politics to religion. Well I am just going to make religion another piece of my blog so I will be doing both.

I posted the following post Is It In The Bible Or Is It What You Have Heard? Is It Your Opinion Or Is It Biblical? 9 hours ago and it is funny how few or if any responses especially from church folk. Well I guess everyone got to be in the Safe Mode because they don’t want to lose some real friends. Well obviously I don’t have any.

Social media can be a powerful tool and I am going to use it to educate and to be educated. Along my journey I know I am going to piss some folk off because they don’t like what I have to say but that is alright.

So from time to time I remind folk that if they don’t want to hear what I have to say, leave the room, turn the radio/tv station and delete me on Social Media.


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