Okay I Got That Do What The Police Say Do, But What About Why Do The Police Get The Right To Provoke Citizens?

I am damn sick and tired of looking at the news seeing police incidents that are clearly shown whereby the police have provoked citizens which then has lead to the citizens dying either on the scene or days later. Just recently as the police stopped a black female Sandra Bland for a simple traffic stop, he acted a damn fool. Obviously he had something on his mind before stopping her, he has an issue with black folk or just beats the hell out of me what his problem is. But it is clear this guy had a serious problem.

Where is it a law where you can’t ask the police why you are being stopped and/or arrested and he refuse to give you an answer. Where is it a law that the police can tell you to put out your cigarette and snatch you out of the car?

A retired officer said Bland was arrogant. So where is it a law for being arrogant?

Now after being abused by a damn police officer who is suppose to protect and serve treats you worse than an animal, do you not think that will not bother someone in their right mind, to be beat up at the scene and then arrested over something as minor as a traffic violation? Hell yeah I believe that if it was me, I would be in jail with time on my hand to not think about anything but what happened to me, how all of this went down over nothing that was life threatening.

It is my opinion that even if Bland committed suicide that this police provoked her to do it. If he had treated her with some respect even if she had had suicide on her mind before this incident took place, he may could have been the one to make her have a life changing experience if he treated her with utmost kindness.

What I keep seeing about the incident is just pathetic. I am talking about that that I can see as it relates to the traffic stop and this cop acted a fool. I ain’t gonna try to figure out what happened during the course of the incident that I could not see such as when they moved out of front of the camera and then at the jail. I am going to leave that up to folk who should be entrusted to do the right thing. However I do have an opinion of what their findings are as presented if it do not sound reasonable.

What don’t help situations like this for me is folk talking about just do what the police tell you to do when stopped. Well a police is trained on what to do when he stop someone and the moment when he is captured that he is out of line then that is where the problem begin. It is clear that in the video the police is shown to be out of line so therefore he need to be reprimanded and this has nothing to do with after she was in jail.

What happened to being taught to get to the root of the problem? The root for me is the police officer got ignant with the citizen and the outcome is what it is. Most people take sides but for me it is the whole story that matters.

Now when good folk be it other law enforcement other than the police in question and good folk (citizens) begin to talk about what actually happened that they can see and not what if, if the citizen had just done what the police told her to do we can begin with the facts and how incidents like this could be eliminated. You see the police is in control because he has the badge however he need to be in control with some respect.

Well what the hell if the police would have just did his job respectfully? If he had we probably would not be talking about anther statistic and would never heard of Sandra Bland worldwide.

Read about this story for yourself, “Texas Trooper Had No Right to Ask Sandra Bland to Put Out Her Cigarette.”

I don’t want to talk about the damn story to anyone unless we are going to talk about how the police officer acted unprofessionally and once we get that clear, then we can talk about the suicide thing. Until then don’t talk to me about Sandra Bland. I don’t want to hear a damn thing about she had marijuana in her system after the autopsy. She was not stopped for being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, matter of fact don’t think that her being under the influence was never mentioned from the time she was arrested until being placed in jail. So it appears she had on jail clothes so obviously they didn’t find any drugs on her person. So if she smoked some marijuana what does that have to do with the traffic stop? When you connect the 2 then let me know.

Another damn form of legal bullying. 



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