My Take On: VIDEO: Raw interview with Sandra Bland’s co-inmate

After watching the VIDEO: Raw interview with Sandra Bland’s co-inmate this is what I get out out of it.

First of all when the video begin I thought it was about what did this lady hear on the day of the supposedly suicide but I was confused. She said I didn’t hear anything on that day but we were talking through a little hole and I couldn’t hardly understand her. She said Sandra was crying and got beat up, but kept reiterating she was crying but she couldn’t understand her. She gave the account of the arrest and the cigarette issue that was clearly seen in the video during the arrest.

Then the reporter asked did you talk to her on Monday morning and she said no. She said she realized something was going on when she woke up and seen the guards taking photos. She said she didn’t believe the guards did anything to her. She said Bland was not causing a ruckus so she don’t understand why the guards would do anything to her. She said Bland had bruises, cuts and stuff. Again she said but she was looking through a small hole and she really couldn’t see anything. What?

The reporter asked did Bland say she was beat up and she said yeah but . . . (hesitation) she showed me scratches and bruises.

When asked do she think she killed herself and she said she was positive that she killer herself but that was just her opinion. What? Makes no difference what she thinks she didn’t know Bland and obviously couldn’t see her that good since she kept stressing about the whole in the wall that suppose to be kept shut all the time. So why was it open?

She said Bland said she didn’t deserve to be in jail. She said she was from Chicago and she only knew one person and that she kept trying to reach him.

The reporter asked her did Bland seem suicidal and she said I don’t know she seemed distraught. What? Oh so now this damn inmate know who are suicidal or not? Get out of here.

She said she didn’t know what to think about it but she don’t think the guards did anything for sure.

She said she don’t think Bland should have been in the other tank by herself. So why was she? Damn that don’t sound good.

She said she and two more female were over there laughing and carrying on trying to make the most of it and Bland was over there hearing that and that would make anyone sad. Bingo! As I stated in an earlier post, even if she did commit suicide she was provoked by the traffic stop and then being placed in jail in a damn city that she only knew one person and she couldn’t even get in contact with the person to see why they had not come to get her out of jail a day later.

For me I am focused on what this lady had to say and for me she helped paint the real picture of who Bland was in the little time and what little she could see of her. She said Bland told her about the incident and that is what I seen in the video. She said Bland wouldn’t talk to her in the beginning but later apologized to her. She seen the bruises and cuts and the size of the hole she kept describing with her hands was well big enough to see her arm. The questions the reporter asked her about did she think that Bland was suicidal was too damn ignant? It is one think to say do you think that Bland was acting strange or something to that effect but to come out and ask do she think Bland was suicidal has no bearing on Bland dying in a jail cell.

Like I said earlier on my blog, Okay I Got That Do What The Police Say Do, But What About Why Do The Police Get The Right To Provoke Citizens? Let’s deal with the traffic stop first then let’s get to the jail. I said it in my post that this mess is enough to drive someone crazy and the lady in this interview who was in jail somewhere I have never been said the same thing.




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