Tarboro NC – Kentucky Fried Chicken Will Not Be Going There Again Unless I Hear They Got A New Manager


Maybe it was how I was dressed on yesterday in this photo. I forgot to add the photo after taking it for the sole purpose that I thought I was dressed appropriate with a nice pair of shorts.

Today I went into Kentucky Fried Chicken, went to the bathroom and washed my hands. I went to the table and set up my laptop. As I set down and had just turned on my laptop the manager hollered and asked was I purchasing anything today? I said yes I am. I sat there and then I asked may I ask you why you asked? She said because of the internet. I said it is not on your door that you have to purchase anything. I said but I am and then again I may not.

And then she and another female employee acted as if I had committed a crime. The other female said that the manager had the right to ask me but I guess I didn’t have the right to ask her. The other female said they do it at McDonalds. I said I have never been asked.

But what got me is it sounded like the female asked the manager could they turn the internet off and she said yes.

Well damn I am trying to figure out why these 2 black females felt today was the day to pick on me. Wrong!

I am so glad the assistant county manager who will be the new county manager when the county manager retires in a a couple of months was sitting in there. I like that brother because he drive a Malibu and I do too. (A little humor cause I ain’t mad!)

I packed up my bag and as I was walking out the door I told the black guy that worked there to give them my card because I was going to write about them on my blog and they could read it for themselves.

I parked next door at the service station that is closed and I got out my laptop parked under the shelter with my air condition on and wrote my story.

Well many damn times I have gone in there and they don’t have any chicken or I had to wait for chicken when they are a chicken restaurant just makes no sense to me. Hell I normally spend $20.00 plus dollars because I have eaten there and then took food home for the family or just take a family pack home.

I just stopped in there a couple of nights ago because my wife wanted some grill chicken and they had no grill chicken so I had to go to Bojangles and get a family value pack.

I ought to have asked for the manager’s name and called corporate but it ain’t that damn serious. Now if something was wrong with my food, different story.

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