Rocky Mount NC – Damn They Have Been Silent On The Issue Of The Firing Of The Superintendent And The School Split But Have The Audacity To Mention The School System

I just received a petition that is floating around in opposition to The Downtown Facilities Center. They continue to try to do everything they can to stop progress on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount NC.

The Petition mentions that some of this same money could be used for the school system that will be going towards the center.

Well I haven’t seen these folk say a damn thing about the issue with the firing of the school superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson that has been a center of controversy for several weeks now. Damn they haven’t came out on either side for or against just silence. Or are they really silent but operating in the background.

Well to me it would appear that since the folk behind the petition is so damn hell bent on the city council giving money to the school system, then why have they been silent on the superintendent firing and moreso on the school split whereby Nash County Commissioners don’t want Rocky Mount City Council to give money to the school system.

So damn the Nash County Commissioners don’t want the Rocky Mount City Council to be involved in the school system so obviously the petitioners have not been keeping up with the recent mess as it relates to the school system Nash vs Rocky Mount but then again maybe they are a part of it.

The petition is quite interesting. I get so sick and tired of pretty words trying to entice folk but yet folk suppose to trust that their way is the better way as the petitioner put it. They have an alternative plan. Damn ain’t that nothing!

They are misleading folk to that the money that will be earmarked and received a certain type of way can be used for anything which is just ignant.

Okay some pretty words in the alternative plan,

The half million dollar fund to keep an events center going until it meets the requirements and tax credits
closings–a questionable goal–could pay teachers’ supplements one year. The tax increase and electricity
savings could pay for the police and fire enhancements.

So tell me so you are saying the city can do this right here and everybody will be happy? Oh hell no just like everybody ain’t going to be happy with The Facilities Center and other things that the city council put on the table.

When it comes to monies as it relates to the school system why in the hell are ya’ll not petitioning and challenging our Governor Pat McCrory who under his leadership the good ole boys have kept education at all levels and will not be satisfied until NC is the sorriest school system in the United States. But you act as if it is the Rocky Mount City Council who funds the school system. The funding comes from the county Nash County Commissioners but you see if I let you tell it, folk may think otherwise.

The petition:

Whereas we respect the City Council’s desire to improve Rocky Mount for the good of its residents, and
agree with that goal, we respectfully request the City Council to redefine it’s priorities to achieve better
schools, safe neighborhoods, streets, parking lots, and reverse the brain drain and exodus of residents from
the city, while pursuing the upgrading of downtown Rocky Mount
We respectfully request that the immediate needs of the city be met while the goal of downtown revitalization
is pursued.

I refuse to name the petitioner and to post the entire petition because I have not heard them speak out on the issue with the firing of the superintendent nor the issue with the Nash County Commissioners trying to send all the children in the city of Rocky Mount to the Edgecombe County Public Schools after they have collected all of that bond referendum money and the Nash County Commissioners have refused to build a high school on the Edgecombe County side even with the money from the bond.

The Confederate Flag saga is alive and well in Nash County and they are working to do whatever they can to keep anything good from happening on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. But I truly believe that a change is gonna come soon and the good master is going to touch the hearts of good white folks who are going to say enough is enough and it is time to make Rocky Mount one Rocky Mount. And when this happens, the race track will not be known as the finish line for the eastside but the starting line. It will begin at the track and move east and oh what a time what a time. I may not be here to see it, but as long as it happens it will be a good day in Rocky Mount and the people will say as the NAACP shirts that I wear often reads, “They Stood Then, We Stand Now!”

I encourage the Rocky Mount City Council and all folk of good will to continue to stand the struggle continues but victory is coming.

Edgecombe County Election Filing Ended Yesterday See Who Filed

This is quite interesting!

Edgecombe Tribune

The deadline has arrived for filing for elections for Edgecombe County races. The following people filed for election and will appear on the Nov. 3rd ballot:

Ward 2
Al Hull
Leo Taylor

Ward 4
C.B. Brown
Carol Ruffin

Ward 6
Deborah Jordan

Ward 8
Garland Shepeard
Lee cannady

Linda Ingram

Wilson Jones
Jesse Petteway
Milton Goff
Johnny Respass

Gary Skelton

Teresa Summerlin
Willie Bullock
Helen Kahn

Trey Lewis
Mike Keel

Charles Lewis

Steve Burress
Vines Cobb
Dennis Hussey

David Manning
Brenda Barnes
Florence Pender
Leah Vines
Hugh Brent Wooten

Ward 1
Milton Bullock

Ward 2
Linda Joyner
Ann Howell

Wilbert Harrison

Roberta Mercer
Leroy Candies
Kenneth Gray Randolph
Shirley Brownell
Jo Robertson

Esterine Pitt
Angela Pounder
Stanley Scipio

Dawn Banks
Doris Howington
May McCloud
ReGina Moffett

Oct. 3 Election
Rocky Mount
Bronson Williams
David Combs
David Drummond II

Ward 1
Andre’ Knight