Confederate flag ‘Heritage Ride’ held in Harnett County – WRAL

The Political Agitator’s response: Not my damn heritage and not my damn flag! This let me know who they are when they come out. What tickles me is the black dude who is ignant to what the flag of confusion is all about. He said it is heritage, (who’s heritage), born into it (really) and it’s history (history of confusion). I ain’t mad with them just watching to see who celebrate their heritage so I can know who I am working with. 

Erwin, N.C. — Defenders of the Confederate flag gathered in Harnett County Saturday for what they called a “Heritage Ride.”

About 25 people met in Erwin to drive more than 30 miles, waving confederate flags from their vehicles and standing up for a symbol they believe has been unfairly targeted.

Matt King, one of the drivers, said he believes the flag symbolizes peace and heritage.

Jordan Walker, an African-American, agrees with King. He said he doesn’t see the flag as a racist symbol.

“I mean, its heritage,” Walker said. “You’re born into it—it’s history.” (Source: Read more)

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