Just Because! I Could Be A Certain Kind Of Angry!

As the years have gone by since I became a community and political activist, I could be and should be a certain kind of ANGRY! Why because I dedicated my life to stand up for the voiceless especially the young and the elderly.

I have been doing such since the late 80’s. The fights I have fought have been 95% other folk’s fight and really did not affect me directly to a certain degree. But when you mess with my folk be they black, brown, white and or other you gonna hear from me.

When it comes to racism dealing with the KKK, the Confederate Flag ie: same, job discrimination and other ism’s that are evil to black folk, I have a certain kind of ANGRY and it is to act professionally on dealing with the wrongness by dealing with the situations bring about the righteousness.

I know there are some good white folk so don’t get it twisted when I say Ignant Racist White Folk because unless you fit that description then you ain’t the one. I have white family and a few white friends but many white associates.

Now don’t get it twisted because the the same goes for black folk because the worst thing I hate is Ignant Safe Negroes who think they have arrived and don’t know their history. Hell they are where they are because of good white folk and good black folk who made it happen.

Thank you Tynesha Lewis for sharing the following, “Why I Changed My Mind About The Confederate Flag” by Perry Noble. This is HOT!

I get tickled the death when folk post stuff about well they took down the flag but it ain’t going to change some folk. Hell it won’t change all folk but it will change some and I know that. I know what I have experienced over the years dealing with folk who didn’t like me but after getting to know me personally they began to change. They realized that I stood for justice however they didn’t like the way I said things because I am not afraid to say what I mean and mean what I say. It is all love!

I am a certain kind of ANGRY but the kind that I will not do anything ignant to take away from my integrity! I will fight the good fight from a professional angle and will challenge anyone, I don’t care how many degrees you may have.

I have a a degree in faith and I am not a religious fool but I have the faith that if I do what is right, stand for justice I have done my very best.



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