Tarboro NC – Garland Shepherd Tarboro City Council Need To Be Replaced, Now Is The Time!

The Political Agitator’s response: I too agree with Candis Owens Shepherd needs to go!
Candis Owens

Tarboro Ward 8 Elections. This will be long just so you know………..

After reading the lead story July 7th in the RM Telegram, “First day filers make election bids official” there was no doubt in my mind that I would respond. I served on the Town Council 4 years, 2 of which I sat beside Garland Shepherd. Again, there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Shepherd’s primary goal has always been to make the Town Council look as dysfunctional as possible at the expense of every citizen of this town. At many council meetings Mr. Shepherd would ask the same question over and over after his questions had been answered. If he did not hear what he wanted to hear then he continued to hound department heads (nearly) to the point of harassment. In my opinion, Mr. Shepherd feels like he has all of the correct answers and knows the working of the town better than those trained and hired to run the town. Mr. Shepherd has NEVER taken the NC required ethics training. If he has attended any advertised Town Council meetings outside of the regular monthly meetings then I am not aware of them. He did not attend the 2015 weekend Town Council retreat which actually was a good thing. I’m sorry Ward 8 that you were not represented but your Council member chose not to represent you,—again. Actually, it was reported to me that more was accomplished at that meeting than had been accomplished in the last 2 years of Council meetings because Mr. Shepherd chose not to represent you, the only absent Council member.

The newspaper story in last Tuesday’s paper quoted Mr. Shepherd as saying, “I’m interested in looking after the people of Tarboro and ensure they have good government. I’ve felt like some things that have come up needed my attention and I don’t want to walk away from that before some issues are resolved. He was quoted as saying he has been happy to see some of the issues he has raised, especially among city parks, addressed, but he still is concerned with the financial investigations into former Tarboro Town Manager Sam Noble and current Mayor Rick Page”. Let me see now………..The only issue Mr. Shepherd had with Parks and Recreation was over the cleanliness of the bathrooms. He talked about that numerous times at Town Council meetings. Is that an issue that grows our town. I don’t think so…….. He got bathrooms on his mind and it was like slinging a snake…………

Now, let’s think about being concerned with financial investigations into former Tarboro Town Manager Sam Noble and current Mayor Rick Page……Mr. Shepherd and Mayor Rick Page, were the only Council members who voted not to send the initial investigative report to the NC State Auditor, Beth Wood. They were perfectly willing to sweep $366,000 in Sam Noble’s questionable reimbursements under the table. (The $366,000 was only for the last 5 years that Mr. Noble was Town Manager as those were the only records found.) Mayor Rick Page was on the Council at the time the vote was taken thus had a vote. It was purely obvious to the remaining Council members that further investigation was not only necessary but the ONLY right thing to do for the citizens of this town.

In another recent RM Telegram article titled, “Ex-Tarboro manager censured by officials”, it was reported that 2 government management associations recently revoked Sam Nobles status as a credentialed local government manager. Webster”s Dictionary defines censure as, “1. An expression of blame or disapproval. 2. An official rebuke”. To be rebuked by ones professional organization is not a small matter—-but a total slam………

According to the article, Martha Perego, the director of ethics for the international association was quoted as saying that, “Noble benefitted from misusing public funds and failed in his ethical duties to protect public resources, follow town policy and set the example of proper behavior for town employees. In making the purchases, Mr. Noble violated town policy by failing to complete purchase orders; used his personal credit card to make the purchases; had many items shipped to his home instead of town office; and failed to sufficiently document the business purpose of the purchases”.

All of this is to say, WARD 8, please wake up and smell the coffee. Your Council representative continues to do all in his power to convince you that the NC State Auditor and “two government management associations” don’t know all that Mr. Shepherd knows and therefore $366,000 is alright to just forget about and sweep under the table instead of allowing the legal process to play out——–OH, and we have clean bathrooms in the parks……

WARD 8 desperately needs someone to step up to the plate and give your ward a choice of whom to vote for.

Our town stands a GREAT chance to move forward or we stand a GREAT chance to move backward 20 years. IT’S UP TO YOU, WARD 8……….


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