Photos/Video: Racism At It’s Best In Rocky Mount NC, See It For Yourself The Lynching Of The Black Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson

Now if you want to call me  a lie, prove me wrong because my damn videos don’t lie. I will gladly apologize. However I got my confirmation from the school board members that spoke out about how the Ignant 6 (board members) that forced Dr. Jackson to resign. Two Ignant Safe Black Negro board members Pastor Reginald Silver and Rev. Bill Sharpe voted along with Brenda Brown, Wayne Doll, Richard Jenkins and Wendy Wilson to force Dr. Jackson to resign or they would fire him for no reason other than he is arrogant and don’t speak to folk. See photos of the board members. The woman in the bottom photo talked about bullying and I just told someone a couple of days ago that what the Ignant 6 have been doing is bullying Dr. Jackson until he was forced to resign.

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Hell Yeah It Was A Heated Meeting And The Heat Need To Continue Until The Ignant 6 Are Off This Board

The Political Agitator response: Damn shame!

I find the following in the Rocky Mount Telegram, In her statement, “Wilson said that the real reason for the dismissal could not be discussed citing personnel reasons. We believe strongly that it is time to move forward in unity, putting our disagreements behind us, so that we can proceed collectively as a community with the search for a new superintendent, and that we can now work together on behalf of our children, Wilson added,” to be quite interesting and left to make folks believe that the answer to that was not stated by Rocky Mount City Manager Charles Penny.

First of all the difference in us and you are you are hiding behind a CODE NAME and don’t have the b to stand up and be a man or woman and/or it.

Ignant the board chair said the ignant 6 had no credible reason to get rid of Dr. Jackson so justify that. You see you can attempt to make it about us all you want but the board chair comments speak highly of what they are dealing with on that board the 4 whites and the 2 ignant blacks that voted along with them. Even if I was going to vote along with Wendy Wilson I as a black man would not be a damn punk and allow this white female to speak for me as did Pastor Reginald Silver and Bill Sharpe did.

It has all to do with RACE some whites that have an issue with Dr. Jackson just happening to be a black man and telling them what to do. However there are some blacks that have the same mentality.

As Andre Knight said tonight this is a modern day lynching on Dr. Jackson however 2 ignant black punks voted along with them. If the ignant 6 have the documentation to support their actions then I will be the first to apologize however I have confidence that the 3 board members that spoke tonight and the other 2 whom voted in favor of keeping Dr. Jackson are not incompetent as it relates to what the ignant 6 discussed in closed session and they came out and vote against the ignant 6 on last Monday.

This is nothing new to me, I have been dealing with this type of mess since the late 80’s in Rocky Mount so I am not surprised nor in doubt about the deeply rooted racism that is alive and well in Rocky Mount and Nash County. I also know the history of the 2 ignant black punks that voted along to get rid of Dr. Jackson.

Ignant I didn’t speak at the meeting tonight but I damn sure was present in support of Dr. Jackson and capturing these ignants on video. I will post the video so that my huge list of followers from across the nation will be able to see what is going on in Rocky Mount.

What tickles the hell out of me is Wendy Wilson said they can’t talk about the reason why they got rid of Dr. Jackson however I don’t recall the news showing Charles Penny stating there is a law that the board can tell it. You see this is how the media portray one-sided mess. Yep they showed some comments but if you gonna show comments that Wilson said about not being able to tell the reason why they forced him to resign, then why in the hell not show Penny saying it could be done. But that is by design because of one sided media and that is why I video so folk can see the whole mess that take place in the racist meetings that I attend.

I feel good about being on the side of justice and can’t no Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Negroes can change my role as it comes to speaking out against injustices on the local, state and national level.

Every dog has it’s day and some come soon and some come later but they do come. I just want to be around to see the ignant 6 day come.

I am Curmilus Dancy II @ and I don’t hide behind a code name. I didn’t have to say anything at the meeting tonight however my video that is coming soon will speak for me. This meeting was one of the best meetings I have ever attended because folk said what needed to be said that I have been saying over the years. So glad to see these folk calling it what it is, RACISM AT IT’S BEST talking about Dr. Jackson is arrogant, he don’t speak to folk and other. And these are the teachers in the classroom talking this non-sense. And then the retired teachers have the audacity to come back because they ran the hell away to try to discredit Dr. Jackson when the statistical data says otherwise. So since these retired teachers want to tell something, damnit tell it something that justifies the forced resignation or that is the best you can do. Tell it you don’t have anything to lose.

I love it when Ignant Safe White Folk and Ignat Safe Negroes like the Ignant 6 show the world that they are united behind ignance!

Now Run & Tell That!

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