Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Meeting Monday At 6:30 PM Ask Reggie Silvers And Bill Sharpe To Rescind Their Votes Forcing Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson To Resign

If you are available you need to be at the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools meeting at 6:30 PM to challenge the entire board but especially Reggie Silvers and Bill Sharpe to rescind their votes forcing Dr. Anthony Jackson to resign. Why?

It is sad that the following occurred this past Monday called a damn Special Call Meeting and the outcome, “Nash-Rocky Mount Schools Votes 6-5 To Accept Dr. Anthony Jackson Superintendent Resignation” but the regularly scheduled meeting was coming up one week later anyway so why didn’t they wait?

It is my opinion and many others that this whole thing is about Nash Commissioner Robbie Davis and the following meeting “Nash County Commissioners Meeting Monday At 10 AM Ask Belfield, Richardson and Wells Why They Voted With Robbie Davis & Crew?” will take place earlier in the day.

It is funny as hell that the new board members that were sworn in on January 5, 2015 asked for the Superintendents Contract on January 9th. This makes me believe that their mission was to come on the board to get rid of the Superintendent. And that’s a problem.

Some staff have supposedly been complaining about Dr. Jackson but damn that is probably because they had a problem with change and some a problem with reporting to a black man.

This black man has come into a system and has taking the Nash-Rocky Mount School System to a whole new level financially to academically. He has put black staff in managerial roles whereby it was only around 2. Dr. Jackson’s record speaks for him and from what I have seen and heard there is nothing in his record that can be used against him to justify his forced resignation. This board is participating in adult bullying.

In October 2014 Reggie Silvers, Bill Sharpe and Wendy Wilson voted unanimously with the other board members to extend Dr. Jackson’s contract to 2019 so therefore it appears his evaluation was a good one. So since these board members and the new board members teamed up to force Dr. Jackson to resign for no reason, they need to resign or change their vote to keep Dr. Jackson.

It is a rumor that Reggie Silvers may have received some benefits in order to get his vote. Well I hope this Pastor has not sold his soul to that level however even if that is not true he has sold himself by just simply voting to get rid of the Dr. Jackson for no reason. If he had a reason he would not have went out the damn back door after the meeting on Monday evening. Be a damn man and stand up and do the right thing. This ain’t all about you and Dr. Jackson but should be about the children. I am on the side of the children because it is fact that the system is in better shape under this Superintendent.

I must apologize for Bill Sharpe being on the board. I have apologized to some folk in person and will continue to do so.

Bill Sharpe came to me about getting into politics and worried the hell out of me every day. I invited him to some community meetings about redistricting and the seats that were going to be available a couple of years ago. He used the information to run for a seat on the school board. I didn’t check the brother out because I thought he was going to do what is right but then folk begin to tell me about how he talked junk about our black POTUS. They also told me he was running for school board because he didn’t tell me and they also told me he was a Republican. I bet I will check out the next person I invite to a meeting.

It appears Sharpe have some issues because it appears he keep moving from job to job. I wonder why? LOL! I understand he is all up in the schools approaching staff unprofessionally. It appears he has too much time on his hands because it is not the board members job to be up in the school system as if that is a part of his role. I have been hearing some things 2nd handedly but then a person told me something that was not 2nd handed so makes me wonder if all of the other things I have heard is true. Time will tell.

Folk it is about the children and it appears that Dr. Anthony Jackson has shown himself approved by his professionalism and that is why the good black, good white folk and other need to come together and request that the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools to do the right thing and that is to change their votes on his forced resignation. It can be done because “Grimesey reinstated as Moore County superintendent.”

This is about race, integrity and most of all messing with the children’s education and it must stop! The process begins Monday at 6:30 PM at the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools 930 Eastern Avenue Nashville, NC 27856. If you would like to speak you need to call to the Central Office by 12 Noon to sign up. Join the Rocky Mount Ministerial Alliance as they and others will be there in support of Dr. Jackson.

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