Nash County Commissioners Meeting Monday At 10 AM Ask Belfield, Richardson and Wells Why They Voted With Robbie Davis & Crew?

If you are available you need to be at the Nash County Commissioner’s meeting to ask Fred Belfield Chair, Lou Richardson and Mary Wells why did they change their votes to go along with Robbie Davis and crew about the mess with the school split. See the following article, Nash County board issues ultimatum on schools split – Rocky Mount Telegram.” However don’t leave out the other board members ask them to resign their post for starting this mess. It is time for the bullying to stop because this is adult bullying. Leave the children alone.

One of the problems Davis wants the Superintendent gone is because he has challenged his work. See the following article and you can see what is going on “Officials spar over school’s leak problem.”

It is somewhat strange the new board members came on board on January 5th and asked to see the Superintendent’s contract on January 9th.

Folk need to go to this board and ask Robbie Davis to resign his post and if Belfield, Richardson and Wells don’t speak out against Davis mess they need to resign as well.

This is about race, integrity and most of all messing with the children’s education and it must stop! The process begins Monday at 10 AM Claude Mayo, Jr. Administration Building
Frederick B. Cooper Commissioners Room – 3rd Floor 120 W. Washington St. Nashville, NC 27856. Be there!

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