The Removing Of The Confederate Flag From The State Capitol And Other Places

Who said it would change the hearts of hate? Damn why is it so hard to understand that folk don’t want to see it on the Capitol which suppose to represent all folk.

Damn did not the white boy go to South Carolina where the flag flies, didn’t he have a confederate license tag and didn’t he speak to what sensible folk already know about the confederate flag.

Now don’t get it twisted I don’t give a damn about the moving it from their personal property and on their person.

Anyone in their right mind know if this was a group of black men doing such a thang, they would be harassed and told them they can’t assemble like that.

The problem I have is ignant ass black folk who promote the ignant white folk mess by acting as if the flag is black folk history.

This mess ain’t new just has been more in force since we have a black President.

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