Gay Marriages

What I don’t understand is all of the ignant damn conversation about gay marriages.

I have gay friends and I treat them just like straight folk so I call that equalization.

My question is if you are going to look at the gay marriage from a religious standpoint, what does the bible say and I don’t mean adding your damn opinion. The word is the word no matter how you twist it.

Question number 2 is if you are going to look at gay marriage from the world standpoint, the law of the land (man’s law) then that is your choice.

Now either you are going to accept one or the other and whatever you choose I have no problem with it. But don’t try to choose for me.

If one has a job that will make them go against their religious beliefs then they need to choose to either stay and do what is required of them or get another job simple as that.

So for you, you and you, make your choice if you gonna talk about it, not make your choice and my choice because I am capable of making choices. I respect your choice and you need to respect mines.

Glad you asked what do I think about gay marriages? Whatever the bible say because I choose to look at it from a religious standpoint.

When it comes to the law of the land (man’s law) I respect that too.

Now Run & Tell That!

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