Confederate flag debate a way of life in Rocky Mount neighborhood – WRAL

The Political Agitator’s response: Someone asked me what did I think about this? Absolutely nothing. What I did say was that I have no problem with him having them on his property and no problem with others having it on their property and that means on their person as well. And don’t forget their license tags. This let me know who celebrate their so-called history through the flag of confusion even among them per Flags of the Confederate States of America – Wikipedia. Anyone that knows me know that I have been speaking out against the Rebel Flag since the late 80’s so this is nothing new to me. I am having a flashback. As I stated back then, don’t include me in your mess because you support the confusion because I can think for myself. But what tickles the hell out of me the most is when Ignant Safe Negroes talking about they support the confusion. For all of the folks who like being ignant to the definition of the Confederate Flag by the persons whom designed them and the history behind them, I love it. It is no way I could support something that is so filled with confusion but should be clear to a 5th grader. Just my ignant opinion! Now Run & Tell That!

Rocky Mount, N.C. — States and retailers have taken steps to remove the Confederate battle flag from landmarks and stores, but one Rocky Mount man is standing his ground.

Edward Lee West has had the flags surround his Arrington Avenue home for years, but after the killings of nine people during Bible study inside a historic black Charleston, S.C. church last week, neighbors said West added more flags.

One flag, planted on top of his home, can be seen a block away, said neighbor Charles Little. He believes the flags emphasize a certain message. (Source: Read more)

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