Cash Michaels In Response To Supporters Of The Con-federate Battle Flag

The Political Agitator’s response: Cash you are right on point. But the real problem I have is Ignant Safe Negroes. I love smart ignant a.. folks. Flags of the Confederate States of America – Wikipedia 

All of you Con-federate battle flag supporters riddle me this….you claim that the battle flag (as opposed to the original flag) is ll about heritage and Southern pride, and not about race or bigotry. You say that you deplore the fact that white supremacist groups have misappropriated it for their own purposes. But then why didn’t YOU do something about that? Why didn’t you say something or do something, or make it known that these groups do not represent true Southern heritage, and what they were doing was wrong? Because YOU AGREED WITH THEIR CRAP, THAT’S WHY!!! SO COME OFF IT! – Response to the following: Cooter Defends The General Lee, Vows To Keep Selling The Confederate Flag


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