Dylann Roof’s family say he was loner caught in ‘Internet evil’ – MSNBC

The Political Agitator’s response: So give a loner a damn gun. Ain’t that ignant! Damn shame!

Long before police say Dylann Roof massacred nine people at a Charleston, South Carolina, church this week, his relatives recall he was a “sweet kid” who grew into a “painfully shy” loner.

But along the way, they told NBC News, he became caught up in something sinister online.

“He was locked in his room looking up bad stuff on his computer,” Roof’s ex-stepmother, Paige Mann, said Saturday from her home in Chapin, South Carolina. “Something on the computer drew him in — this is Internet evil.”

Mann described her former stepson as “very smart — too smart,” and said that he was “bored in advanced classes” in school.

Mann said Roof also had some obsessive tendencies like germaphobia, and maintained a bowl cut that she first gave him when he was 3.

“He would fixate on things. His dad tried to help him. His mother tried to help him. We all really tried to help him,” she said. (Source: Read more)


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