Photos/Video: SouthWest Edgecombe High School Thirty-Seventh Commencement Exercises

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Donnie & Susan Brown Parents of Miranda Brown Receives Her Diploma

NAACP Members Whom Support Lies, Don’t Act On Facts And Attempt To Justify Mess I Can’t Walk With You

Now I am going to tell all of the NAACP members whom support the lie, I will look at you differently until you acknowledge publicly that she was wrong and that you were too. I am cautious when it comes to walking with folks whom I consider to be about facts, truth and justice no matter who it is for or against.

However I am going to still love you but in a different way because if I can’t trust folks then they are no good to me. Yep we all make mistakes but when we do not acknowledge our mistakes then I consider us a dangerous people. I don’t need anyone to get me killed when I have enough enemies and ignants around me.

NAACP leader to speak Monday; parents say she lied on race – Yahoo News

The Political Agitator response: Can’t wait to see what else this confused woman has to say. The more I learn about her the more credibility is lost.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal says she will speak about the furor over racial identity sparked after her parents said she has falsely portrayed herself as black for years, but she is actually white.

KHQ-TV in Spokane reported that Dolezal sent a message to NAACP members saying she would address the situation at a Monday night meeting of the group.

“As you probably know by now, there are questions and assumptions swirling in national and global news about my family, my race, my credibility, and the NAACP,” Dolezal’s message said. “I have discussed the situation, including personal matters, with the Executive Committee. (Source: Read more)

Making Wrong Right And Lie The Truth! Nope I Ain’t The One!

I have learned over the years that folks that attempt to not deal with the fact of the matter and try to justify their point out of ignance are just as or more dangerous than the person in question. You see for me it ain’t even about the woman who are confused about being black and acknowledged she has 2 white parents anymore, it is about the ignant comments that folks post that do not deal with the facts. SMDH!

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” My interest is dealing with the facts and the truth.

I get so sick and tired of GAFWI that want to justify and want me to accept their mess. I will not!

If you have an issue with me come correct and we can deal with the fact of the matter but don’t come with no mess.

I will not accept the mess in the news as it relates Police Brutality, Folks whom want to change their Sexual Preference other than what God made them and folks whom want to be of another Race because they want to be but their birth certificate and their parents have none of the genes to make them a part of a race.

Continue on with your mess but I will not accept your mess as fact and truth. I know better so don’t think I am going to support ya’ll.

Oh I will love you as person but I will not make wrong right and lie a truth.

I ain’t the one.

Saturday High School Graduations Can Be Seen On The Internet – Rocky Mount Telegram

Saturday also will be packed with graduation festivities as four Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and one Edgecombe County school finalize their senior year.Nash Central High School will graduate an estimated 237 seniors at 9 a.m. Saturday at the school. The ceremony may be viewed at live-stream link

Southwest Edgecombe High School’s graduation ceremonies will follow at 10 a.m., with an expected 182 graduates receiving diplomas. Live streaming of the ceremony can be viewed at

Southern Nash High School will complete the morning round of graduations at 11 a.m. with an estimated 250 seniors graduating. The Southern Nash High School graduation can be viewed live at

Two Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools will hold afternoon graduations on Saturday. Rocky Mount High Schools graduation will take place at 2 p.m. with the largest expected number of graduates at 277. The Rocky Mount High School live-stream link is

Northern Nash High School will graduate an estimated 267 graduates at 4 p.m. The ceremony can be viewed live at live-stream link: