Jackson up for superintendent post in Florida – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Hate to see him leave but wish him the best. Smart brother in his field of work continuously looking for what is in his best interest. Do what you got to do and let the ignants keep talking. Interesting how the superintendent is not referred to as Dr. in the article.

Nash-Rocky Mount Superintendent Anthony Jackson is on the short list of candidates for the post of Brevard School District superintendent, a Florida-based newspaper reported Wednesday.

Florida Today, a Brevard County-based newspaper, reported that Jackson is one of six semi-finalists for the position of school superintendent.

On Tuesday during a three-hour special called meeting, the members of the Brevard School District Board of Education reportedly trimmed a list of 106 applicants for the position to the six candidates still under consideration. (Source: Read more)

The Older I Get The Less Mess I Am Going To Put Up With

Over the past several years I have endured a lot of mess from all walks of life although you couldn’t see it on my face. Well from this day forward it is over now. I will not put up with any mess that you want to include me in so don’t bring it my way because I am going to send you on your way.

Since March 31, I have been helping my dad since he has been in a car wreck. I stayed with my dad up until May 26 and slept on the couch all of that time so that I could assist him since he had a brace on his leg up until May 21. I have not received a paycheck all of this time because I was on FMLA and so I received no pay. But all is well because I have not missed a meal. It is a job to take care of a sick person and I commend folks that does it for a living.

Life is too short to deal with mess and I am determined that I will not entertain mess as it relates to me and my coming and goings.

Do your thing but as long as it does not have anything to do with me, we good. But when your mess include me in the equation then there will be a problem. You ain’t ready for that!