An update: Lies, Videos and Police malfeasance in Baltimore

The Political Agitator response: Yesterday I posted the following: Baltimore Maryland: When We Get To The Root Cause Then The Reaction Can And Will Be Understandable! Like I said,  When they announce what really happened to Freddie Gray hell I think that the reactions from the angry could be far worse than what we have seen up until now.

Are we to believe that “police rough rides” alone can break bones and crush voice boxes?

A definition of Malfeasance: The commission of an act that is unequivocally illegal or completely wrongful.

Update: According to a Washington Post article, an “anonymous prisoner” is quoted by an “anonymous police investigator” stating, “Freddie Gray was intentionally trying to injure himself in van”. Really…we’re all supposed to believe that Freddie Gray broke his own neck and almost severed his own spine while trashing around in the van semi-conscious, …in light of the fact that he couldn’t even enter the van under his own power?

http://Prisoner in van thought Gray was ‘trying to injure himself’

But wait a minute evidently the anonymous “police-leaker” didn’t know that the “anonymous prisoner” can be seen on video stating that he “only heard a little banging in the van and that the ride was “smooth”. So exactly who is mysterious “police-leaker who leaked these “tall tales” to the Washington Post? (Source: Read more)


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