Rioting! I Agree With My Friend Dennis Mitchell Post On His Facebook Page

All you people incorrectly using MLK quote on riots to justify what is happen in Baltimore are wrong, read the entire transcript and importantly the statement before the quote:

“I’m still convinced that nonviolence is the most potent weapon available to oppressed people in their struggle for freedom and justice. I feel that violence will only create more social problems than they will solve. That in a real sense it is impractical for the Negro to even think of mounting a violent revolution in the United States. So I will continue to condemn riots, and continue to say to my brothers and sisters that this is not the way. And continue to affirm that there is another way.” MLK

He understood why they were rioting but he did not support it.

My response:

I strongly feel that all people with a conscious feel the same way as Dr. MLK. I can speak for me. However I will say that who in 2015 would think there would be a war between the police and the people? I don’t condone any type of violence because I know with violence comes consequences and although many have committed crimes to make changes, they paid a price.

I think the Lawd is trying to tell us something! Are we listening? Or are we dreaming?

National State of Emergency!

I am gonna pray about it but I feel the Lawd is trying to tell us something.

Too many deaths involving police whereby folks feel justice is not being served, so is something actually going wrong?

We are in a national state of emergency and although it ain’t happened in your city yet, could be coming to your city soon!

It is my intentions to attend the national day of prayer ceremony as I have over the past couple of years but I am not going to march and/or assemble to talk about praying for Baltimore mess right now because prayer without works, nothing changes.

Black folks are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Baltimore Maryland: Nonviolence as Compliance – The Atlantic

The Political Agitator response: I think the Lawd is trying to tell us something! Are you listening?

Rioting broke out on Monday in Baltimore—an angry response to the death of Freddie Gray, a death my native city seems powerless to explain. Gray did not die mysteriously in some back alley but in the custody of the city’s publicly appointed guardians of order. And yet the mayor of that city and the commissioner of that city’s police still have no idea what happened. I suspect this is not because the mayor and police commissioner are bad people, but because the state of Maryland prioritizes the protection of police officers charged with abuse over the citizens who fall under its purview.

The citizens who live in West Baltimore, where the rioting began, intuitively understand this. I grew up across the street from Mondawmin Mall, where today’s riots began. My mother was raised in the same housing project, Gilmor Homes, where Freddie Gray was killed. Everyone I knew who lived in that world regarded the police not with admiration and respect but with fear and caution. People write these feelings off as wholly irrational at their own peril, or their own leisure. The case against the Baltimore police, and the society that superintends them, is easily made: (Source: Read more)

Baltimore Maryland

I feel so ignant that this Baltimore thing has been going on all evening and my phone kept sending me updates messages to my scanner apps about how many people were tuned in on listening to the police calls but I didn’t check it out. Later this evening my dad mentioned to me about what was going on. I had gone to Rocky Mount to the doctor’s office to pick up some paperwork and I kept clearing my phone.

I have been listening to the live reports on my phone via Baltimore City Police for about 30 minutes and it is crazy out there.

So after all of the recent protest what is going wrong? Why do the young folks feel like this is the final answer? Do they feel like black leaders, ministers, pastors and others are not doing enough? What can these folks really do?

It is very clear that something different needs to happen after these police incidents because these young folks have come to the conclusion that justice is not being served.

These young folks obviously feel they have nothing to look forward to so they don’t care about their actions.