Pay raises in effect for more than 23,000 Walmart associates in NC – WITN

Walmart workers in NC have started receiving pay raises that put the new full-time average hourly wage in North Carolina at $13.02.

Walmart is giving pay raises to 23,644 associates in North Carolina for the pay period starting April 4th. The first pay check to include the additional income will be delivered on April 23rd. (Source: Read more)

I get so sick and tired of folks talking about stuff that they don’t have the facts and don’t even seek to get the facts

This is speaking half-truths which leads to misleading folks. When other folks don’t know the truth, hell they think what someone says is the truth if they know that person and really like that person. Well I don’t care who the person is, if they ain’t talking facts and I know it, then I am going to call them out.

Although I am going to speak to the facts, I still tell folks to not take my word, do their own homework. However I don’t think anyone that knows me have any reason to doubt what I say but that does not matter. Just like I hold other folks accountable for their actions, I ask others to hold me accountable also.

I know that everybody don’t care to hear what I have to say, be it the gospel truth or not, I am not ignant to that fact. Well I am going to speak the truth and it is up to others how they receive it.

Now Run & Tell That!