Dixon won’t be prosecuted – Daily Reflector

imageThe Political Agitator response:This was politics at its worst. It is sad that this black man had to go through this b.s. just because he was running for District Court Judge and she didn’t like it and wanted to make sure her friend won. And then some folks have the audacity to say they don’t know what is wrong with black folks. Hell look at the mess we have to go through. This man was a strong black productive citizen but look at what happened to him. Makes no damn sense.

The state Attorney General’s office will not move forward with a criminal case against a former assistant prosecutor who was separated from his post last year.

The Pitt County District Attorney’s office announced Friday afternoon that it was notified that the Attorney General would not proceed criminally against Faris Dixon, who was running for a district court judge post at the time an investigation began into alleged misconduct.

District Attorney Kimberly Robb in May asked the SBI to look into the possibility Dixon failed to discharge his duties. The SBI turned over the results of its work to the AG’s office.

“We appreciate the NC SBI and the NC Attorney General’s  thorough review and consider the matter concluded absent further evidence,” a statment from Robb’s office said. (Source: Read more)

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