Black Community: Which Is Worst Black On Black Crime Or These Damn Pastors/So Called Community Leaders/Elected Officials Whom Are Holding Us Right Where We Are?

I have been a community activist since the late 80’s and my problem has been watching Safe Negroes hold us right where we are. I attended community meetings and later joined the Democratic Party and the NAACP. So I know who are sincere and about truly moving the black community forward. We know that when the black community move forward all communities move forward.

It is sad that there are a few black Pastors/community leaders/elected officials whom play both sides of the game. They attend black community meetings and/or attend meetings and claim they are going to represent the best interest of the folks whom want to see forward progress but actually they go back and tell the enemy what the plan is. These damn Safe Negroes are dangerous as hell but these Pastors and these community leaders ie: church going folks are in church on Sunday preaching feel good sermons but also working against them as well.

Black folks when in the hell are you going to wake up and shut these Safe Negroes down?

I am sick and tired of the damn games that are being played and since ya’ll are ignant to whom these folks are, I am gonna have to do my Safe Negro list. But in the meantime ya’ll don’t know? Keep on promoting these folks while they continue to hold you right where you are.

I will not continue to allow Safe Negroes to continue to hold us right where we are without calling them out. Now just because ya’ll are scared, I ain’t the one. I have worked too damn hard over the years at my own expense having to deal with folks whom have the means and the resources to do what is right but hell no they are smiling in our faces and sticking a damn knife in our backs. You see these damn Safe Negroes are doing more damage than the black on black crime although what they are doing is legal. Legal but damn sure ain’t morally right.

It is some things that are going on that I will be talking about from this day forward. I gave a 1st and Final Warning several days ago to delete me from my Blog which automatically goes to my Social Media pages. You still got time!

I haven’t written any Open Letters lately so it is about time!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against! I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!