Officials say mental illness spurred fatal shooting spree – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Well the rumor mill ain’t gonna want to hear this because this is not what they wanted it to be. Like I said a couple of days ago, no matter what information is released nothing is going to bring all of the persons whom lost their lives back. This is just a sad situation that all of the families will endure losing family members that were dear to them.

TARBORO – Authorities released a statement Monday indicating mental illness was the catalyst for a man gunning down three people on Feb. 28.

According to police reports, Ian Trevor Sherrod gunned down George Lee Dickens around 1 p.m. at Master’s Touch Barber Shop at 801 W. Saint James St. While police were investigating the shooting of Dickens, officers received a call about a second shooting at Lot 48-B Mobile Home Estates. The two victims – Ventura Sanchez, 36, and Ana Marden Cruz Franco, 28 – later died from their injuries.

Officials reportedly spotted Sherrod traveling along Main Street and Northern Boulevard in Tarboro then found him in a car parked at 2311 Main St. Law enforcement officers converged on the scene and attempted to make contact with Sherrod, who was seated in his vehicle, displaying a firearm. (Source: Read more)

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