Ok Folks 1st And Final Warning, Go Ahead And Delete Me Because I Am Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired!

Go ahead and delete me from my blog which automatically goes to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts because I am going to say some things that may piss you off. I am sick and tired of folks talking that they don’t know and don’t take the time to research what the hell they are trying to say. When they do that they are misleading folks and that is one thing I can not tolerate and I can’t sit back and allow folks to get away with the truth as I know it. Not saying I know everything but that which I do, I will speak it.

I am so sick of the conversations about black on black crime, crime committed by blacks as if black folks are the only ones committing crime. It pisses me the hell off when folks say black folks act as if a black killing a black does not matter but that it only matters that a black dies when killed by the police. I expect it coming from Ignant A.. Racist White Folks but to hear it coming from Ignant A.. Safe Negroes take it to a whole new level of ignance. Any black person whom think that black folks don’t care about other black folks getting killed by another black, white and whatever the race and whatever their job title may be all have some serious issues. I don’t even understand how a black person could even go there.

If you are doing something to attempt to help save the community, do your damn part and stop blaming others for what you think they ought to be doing such as elected officials and others. Learn the elected officials job duties and stop trying to blame them for the lack of jobs and crime when that is not in their duties. Now if they want to do it as a citizen that is one thing but don’t mislead folks that is their role as an elected official.

The question is what are we doing as individuals? Let’s do our part and let other folks do their part only if their job title and/or if they have stated they are going to do certain things. You can not hold folks accountable for something when there is nothing to hold them accountable on.

Well final warning! Go ahead and delete me because I am tired of the conversation especially black folks with all of these pretty words about what is going on but ain’t saying anything.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”


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