No Matter What The Investigation Releases It Will Not Bring Back Any Of The People Involved

I have heard so much stuff since the day of the shooting at the local barbershop and in the community where the shooter lived. I have talked to several folks and heard lots of things but none of them were there on that day to know what set off the chain of events so that is just their opinions. Someone had the audacity to ask me what was the motive and some still do. Well I was not there, didn’t have a conversation with none of these folks on that day so I have no clue. All I know is this was a sad day in Edgecombe County and I will allow the family and whatever investigation is going on to bring closure to the matter. I am sad but I can’t imagine what the families whom have had their family lives disrupted forever are going through. So there lies my sympathy.

I tried to do a little something for all of the families and that is all I can do. I will not get caught up into the rumor mill and when someone talk about it to me, I have one thing to say. I gave a small donation to all of the families and I also purchased several shirts of George Dickens Jr. because I am familiar with him and his son used to go to school with my son.

No matter what the investigation releases it will not bring back any of the people involved. The sad part is that folks want it to be what they want it to be however my question is what difference will it make to non family members because the families involved will suffer forever. It will not change my life no matter what information is released. I just hate it for all families, the families that I know and the Hispanic families whom I didn’t know. Whatever information is released, the families can deal with it but for me and other folks it will not affect us. People need to respect the families and if they want to talk about it, they need to put out the truth as they know it and not the truth as they have been told by someone whom don’t have a clue. But what is it to talk about? For me I feel so sad for the spouses and the children whom will never see their family members again.


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