Been There Done That! If I Don’t Do Anymore, I Have Fought The Good Fight And Sometimes Right By Myself!

When I see folks whom want to walk hand in hand not because of their own personal gain but because they want to be a voice for the least of these, then I am ready. However it is tough walking by yourself. And then it is tough when folks pick and choose what battles affect them instead of battles that affect the least of these. I am so glad that when I became an activist, ie: NAACP, Democratic Party and other organizations, it was not because I was in trouble or my family but it was because I wanted to be a voice for the youth and the elderly. When the masses recognize and understand that they need to get involved then oh what a time, what a time. Right now I must admit I am in neutral so that means when dealing folks I will either hit the D or the R according to which direction I need to go.

Criminal charges dropped against former Princeville mayor – The Tarboro Weekly

The Political Agitator response: I find the following article to be quite interesting. If the (Local Government Commission) held evidence from the district attorney then they need to be dealt with. “It wasn’t until her political enemies got involved did the drive for prosecution begin,” Bonner said. Wow! I wonder who these enemies were? Bonner added that had the allegations and subsequent charges not been raised against Everette-Oates, Princeville would have its own energy company now that would be generating $250,000 for the town. What? Where did that come from? Well can’t wait to see what information will be shared during the press conference on Tuesday.

PRINCEVILLE – Prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against former Princeville Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates.

Everette-Oates was arrested in 2013 after a State Bureau of Investigation probe into the town of Princeville that was launched at the request of the district attorney’s office.

In a statement, prosecutors reportedly said the resulting embezzlement charges against the former mayor were dropped “in light of new information” that determined prosecution was “not in the interest of justice.”

Neither Everette-Oates nor her in-state criminal attorney, Ryan Stump of Charlotte, could be reached for comment Wednesday.

However, another of her criminal attorneys, Charles Bonner of San Francisco, raised issues of impropriety that led to charges being filed, Everette-Oates’ arrest and the subsequent efforts to prosecute. (Source: Read more)

Rountree to graduate, transfer from Wake Forest after three seasons – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: Awesome basketball player but finishes school in 3 years.

After three seasons as a member of the Wake Forest University men’s basketball team, Wilson native Aaron Rountree is well ahead of the game academically.

Demon Deacons head coach Danny Manning announced Tuesday that Rountree, a Greenfield School graduate, will transfer from Wake Forest for his final season of eligibility, a decision made easier with his impending graduation a year early. Rountree will graduate in August with a degree in communication and a minor in economics. Rountree will be a graduate student wherever he lands.

“There was really no true mitigating factor that had me feel like I had to leave,” Rountree said in a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon. “Its just a change of scenery and a fresh start. Wake’s strong academics and the fact that I took advantage of getting the most out of the classroom allowed me to take this opportunity.

“I’m proud that I’m going to get this degree and consider myself a Wake Forest alumnus.” (Source: Read more)