Senator Angela Bryant, Primary Sponsor, Of SB305–NCEMPA Asset Sale

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“For the last ten years, since my time as a Rocky Mount Councilwoman and NCEMPA Commissioner, I have been working to bring relief to eastern NC from the higher utility rates we are experiencing.  This legislation and sale of assets will position our families and businesses to have comparable electric rates to surrounding communities and to experience the growth and prosperity that we need so much. In addition, this sale will provide fuel savings to all Duke Progress customers and economic growth and development across the state.  This is truly a bi-partisan and win-win effort,” said Sen. Angela Bryant.



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Tim Moore, Speaker Of The House Of Representatives




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Senate, House Announce Bipartisan Plan to Spur Economic Growth, Lower Energy Costs in Eastern N.C.

Raleigh, N.C. – A bipartisan coalition of House and Senate members on Tuesday unveiled legislation that would allow dozens of eastern North Carolina communities to proceed with a critical sales agreement that will reduce electricity rates and spur job growth and economic development across eastern North Carolina.


The agreement would allow Duke Energy Progress to purchase stakes in power generation facilities currently owned in part by North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA). The agency is presently comprised of 32 cities and towns in eastern North Carolina.


The sales agreement has already been approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, but state legislative action is required to proceed.


“This initiative is a win-win – it will bring affordable energy to eastern North Carolina, make the region far more competitive for new jobs and ensure all customers of both entities ultimately pay less on their utility bills,” said Sen. Buck Newton (R-Wilson, Johnston, Nash), a primary sponsor of the Senate bill.


The proposed legislation enables NCEMPA to issue new bonds to facilitate the sale of the generation assets, and allows Duke Energy Progress to receive the cost of its asset purchase. It also requires Duke Energy Progress to spread out cost recovery over 20 to 30 years, which ensures a benefit for all customers – regardless of location – in the long-term.


“Sen. Newton and I have been working on the Electricities rate problem since we first ran for office in 2010. I am thrilled that Duke and NCEMPA have been able to hammer out a solution that benefits all North Carolina citizens,” Rep. Jeff Collins (R-Franklin, Nash) stated on Tuesday. Collins is a primary bill sponsor of the House bill.


Currently, NCEMPA customers are paying as much as 35 percent more than customers in other parts of the state for electricity, a consequence of NCEMPA carrying close to two billion dollars in decades-old debt.


Under the agreement, NCEMPA will reduce its debt by more than 70 percent – leading to lower rates for their customers and removing one of the largest obstacles to economic development in eastern North Carolina. Duke Energy Progress will take ownership of a lower-cost electricity supply, which is anticipated to generate approximately $70 million in fuel savings per year.


According to NCEMPA, the following member municipalities should see relief:


·       Apex

·       Ayden

·       Belhaven

·       Benson

·       Clayton

·       Edenton

·       Elizabeth City

·       Farmville

·       Fremont

·       Greenville

·       Hamilton

·       Hertford

·       Hobgood

·       Hookerton

·       Kinston

·       La Grange

·       Laurinburg

·       Louisburg

·       Lumberton

·       New Bern

·       Pikeville

·       Red Springs

·       Robersonville

·       Rocky Mount

·       Scotland Neck

·       Selma

·       Smithfield

·       Southport

·       Tarboro

·       Wake Forest

·       Washington

·       Wilson


This agreement will alleviate the problem of sky-high electricity rates, which have not only placed a heavy burden on working families, but have also deterred new businesses from locating in the eastern part of the state – where utility bills have historically made the cost of doing business much higher.




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Gifted Black Student Told ‘N*ggers Don’t Belong’ In Class, School Bans Her Parents For Complaining (VIDEO)

When an Indiana sixth-grader received racist threats in class, her school did nothing. When her parents complained, administrators banned them from the school.

NyZeria Neely is the only black student in her high-ability class at Concord Intermediate School, in a school where just 10% of students and 2% of school staff are black. She felt lost and alone when she found herself the target of racist threats.

First, she was called a “n*gger” by a girl in her class. When the family reported the incident, the school took no action.

Three weeks later, she opened her locker to find a threatening letter. According to the Elkhart Truth, the letter warned NyZeria “Watch your back.”

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I Was Shocked To Learn The Funeral Services For Attorney Grover Prevatte "Jack" Hopkins Was Yesterday

I used to love to see this guy in action in the courtroom. He was so articulate and I loved to see him talk in other languages when he represented someone whom were not American. He was a tough and I believe fair attorney. I don’t recall anyone ever saying they got a raw deal with him however I haven’t talked to all of the folks whom he have represented so I am speaking to that I do I know.

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Tarboro NC Police still have no motive behind slayings – Edgecombe Tribune

Nearly three weeks after a triple murder that ended with law enforcement shooting the alleged gunman, police continue to investigate the motives behind 40-year-old Ian Sherrod’s actions during the shooting spree.
“Detectives are looking at every component and every angle to ensure that nothing is left uncovered,” Tarboro Police Sgt. Jesse Webb said. “Naturally rumors are going to be floating around and we are taking it as our responsibility to make sure we stick to the evidence that is presented to find the true motive.”
Local detectives and SBI agents have interviewed numerous people who were close to the situation or that knew the people involved. But to date, they can’t get a clear answer to why Sherrod went on the rampage.

In today’s Edgecombe Tribune, there is a timeline of events that took place on Feb. 28. Police releases all information pertaining to each call they received that day.

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Princeville NC: Prosecutors dismiss charges against former Princeville Mayor – Edgecombe Tribune

Wednesday prosecutors dismissed 17 embezzlement charges against Princeville’s former Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates.
The state said new evidence surfaced after she was indicted in August 2013.
Everette-Oates was facing 17 counts of embezzlement by a public official. An indictment alleged that she charged $5,634 on a town credit card between August 2010 and January 2012.

“In light of the new information, prosecutors have determined that the criminal prosecution of Ms. Everette-Oates is not in the interest of justice,” the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys said in a statement.
Authorities didn’t elaborate on the new evidence.

Look in next week’s edition of the Edgecombe Tribune for more information pertaining to the dismissal of the charges. (Source)

Homegoing Celebration For Flora Shaw Princeville NC

My condolences goes out to Sebrena and the entire family of the late Flora Shaw Princeville NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

My friend was one dressing woman. I met her some years ago during the passing of Zach and one day I ran into her I introduced myself. However she already knew who I was because she said she seen me at meetings and on the internet. She was always nice to me when I ran into her. I was shocked to see the post today about her passing.

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

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My condolences goes out to Amy Pippen and the entire family of the late Rosa Hinton Princeville NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Know that I am just a phone call away.

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

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