In Response To: “Reader says it’s time to move on, stop dividing Nash County” Nashville Graphics

The following is in response to the letter to editor: “Reader says it’s time to move on, stop dividing Nash County” written by Jackson Valentine Nashville NC. As a Proud Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP my ignant a… just had to respond.

First of all the NAACP has been showing up because some parents came to them for help since the school system will not respond to them.

The Department of Justice was asked to come here by the State NAACP and since Andre Knight is the President, he is suppose to answer to the call.

The Department of Justice was here last week and interviewed folks to see if it is something that they will pursue. They would have been here earlier but they were in Ferguson Missouri.

To say that Andre Knight wants to bog down the Federal Department is too ignant because that is their job to investigate issues in regards to race and discrimination however you can read their mission for yourself. The NAACP don’t bully anyone and they follow their mission and bullying is not in the mission statement so tell the truth. If you don’t know what the mission is then go to the NAACP website to read the mission.

I repeat the Department of Justice was here last so now we will see if they will respond with a recommendation or will the take it further.

You are definitely not speaking for several folks especially students whom have directly suffered from expressing their opinion about the situation. These students and their parents will never forget how they were punished while the girls were not.

Show me how the NAACP has shown racial hostility and to whom.  Race pimps? Really? Heck that ain’t the word you really want to use so we recognize code words when we see them.

Show me how we are promoting racism and definitely how we can make a profit because we don’t get paid.

Show me how the NAACP has divided the community? Why are we having this discussion? It was not because black students were in the photo, however it is black students whom questioned why the school system has not condoned the photo and tried to silence them from expressing their concerns.

We too are sick of those like you whom promote lies when it comes to the mission of the NAACP. You don’t have to like the mission however you need to respect it. Show us how we are not following our mission? But you can’t do that.

Again the issue has not been forgotten and never will. I will use this as a teachable moment as the Superintendent said early on. I see Andre Knight and the NAACP using this as a teachable moment as well.

I don’t get the false rhetoric mess because it is a fact that the photo was on Instagram. It is a fact that the issue that didn’t begin at school ended up at school and the girls had escorts to class because it was a disruption during the school day. It is a fact that some black students got disciplined for talking about the issue and/or acting it out. If the school system had dealt with the issue properly, then I feel that we would not be having this conversation.

Show me how Andre Knight is attempting to tear apart the community because he is representing some students/parents from the community.

Show me one thing Andre Knight and the NAACP have been extremely divisive. 

No we have not chosen to exploit the photo and we are definitely not just as at fault as the girls whom posted the photo. That is too ignant!

You must have been living in a hole because race relations is at an all time low across the nation and we can begin with the disrespect of the first black President of These United States since dating back to when he won the election before he was sworn in the first time. Obviously you are denial or just don’t give a because racism is alive and well and the NAACP is not the one whom are promoting it. If they were, then the good ole boys would shut them down but they can’t. We play by the rules and have powerful legal teams across the nation that is a makeup of all folks and especially white folks whom are not in denial and do give a about race relations.

The funny thing about folks like you, you are stuck on the photo and we are pass that but we know that the conversation originated from the photo. The conversation has been about holding the school system accountable for their actions since the students, parents and the NAACP feel that the school system has not been consistent in following their own policies and procedures. You have recognized that because you call have said that we are bullying the school system.

Again we are not in the bullying business but in the business of holding folks accountable for their actions as it relates to the mission of the NAACP.

You have clarified clearly your ignance to the matter at hand as you have attempted to paint a picture of the NAACP which are far from the truth. But that is how folks like you operate attempting to mislead folks to get your point across.

Go to the next school board meeting and speak that is what they have public comments for.

I am Curmilus Dancy II A Proud Life Fully Paid Member and 2nd Vice President of The NAACP Rocky Mount Branch.