Ferguson: Demonstrators Gather Outside Police Department Night After Shooting – ABC News

A manhunt for suspects in the ambush shootings of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, continued tonight as several dozen demonstrators gathered outside the headquarters of the city’s police department for a candlelight vigil.

The demonstrators were outnumbered by media and police presence was minimal, a much different scene from Wednesday night, when a large crowd gathered following the resignation of the St. Louis suburb’s police chief. It was during that gathering that shots rang out and the two officers were injured. (Source: Read more)

A Teachable Moment: How OU failed Transformation 101 by Maria Dixon

The Political Agitator response: I agree this should have been a teachable moment. However just because the way the situation has been handled I don’t think the conversation should stop there. I feel it is much more conversation that should take place with the schools lead. I strongly believe things must be dealt with in a certain fashion but when evidence is there to support the actions, then those whom are in authority must carry out the policies and procedures of the institution.

I am a college professor. It is an essential part of my identity. Yes, I research, publish (not as much as I should), and consult but nothing gives me greater joy than my interactions with my students. Teaching, particularly the motley crew of pre-adults known as the 18-21-year-old demographic, is the means of grace by which I offer myself to God and the world.

Pre-adults. That’s who and what they are. When they enter our classrooms, many of them have never formed an independent thought of their own. The tapes that play in their heads that inevitably shape their interactions are created by parents, teacher, churches, and yes, our culture. Their lives are a culmination of enrichment courses, parental demands and angst, and standardized tests designed to get them into the college. They are so programmed when they hit our doors that it takes almost 4 years for them to really start figuring out what kind of ice cream they really like. (Source: Read more)

Damn Barack…. by Maria Dixon

The Political Agitator response: Very good article. No matter who we are I strongly feel we do things in due season. And as a person whom have been engaged in politics since the early 90’s, I recognize and understand that I don’t have to benefit from any or all of the changes that takes place on the local, state and national levels but to know that someone benefits should be the main thang!

It was by all standards of oral communication, a magnificent performance. Passionate, clear, and responsive to the context of the moment, the President was truly in “the zone.” As he ticked off item after item, on his “Middle Class” political agenda, the collective “Amen” from the Democratic base grew from a whisper to an outright shout. Community College for all? That’s right! Affordable Child Care? You better work! Paid sick leave? Don’t hurt’em Hammer!

By the end of his 6500 word speech, I had only one thought: “Where the HELL have YOU been for the last six years?!”

The man giving this magnificent performance, challenging his former colleagues in Congress to rise to the better nature of the human soul, who confidently silenced a heckler–this was THE MAN that Democrats voted into office in 2008. The defender of the middle class, the archangel of fair play, THIS Barack Obama was the one that so many believed was going to change the politics of the collective pool of nonsense known as the nation’s capital. (Source: Read more)

Ferguson’s city manager is out after Justice Dept. report – Washington Post

Officials in Ferguson, Mo., announced Tuesday night that John Shaw, the city manager, was leaving his position.

The move, which the city called “a mutual separation agreement,” comes in the wake of a scathing Justice Department report that criticized Shaw and other Ferguson officials for the city’s discriminatory and predatory behavior toward citizens.

This change is the biggest fallout yet from the Justice Department’s report, and it is the second time in as many days that a key Ferguson figure cited in the report is leaving his position. On Monday, the Missouri Supreme Court said that a new judge would be taking over court cases in the city. (Source: Read more)