Stop blaming white racism on black rappers – Washington Post

There are a lot of truly idiotic ways to talk about popular culture. But if I could banish just one of them from the realm of public discourse, it would be the weird and persistent tendency to blame white racism on black rappers.

The latest invocation of this idea came on “Morning Joe,” where the participants got themselves into a state of high indignation upon hearing that Waka Flocka Flame had cancelled a planned appearance at the University of Oklahoma after members of the school’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were taped repeating a grotesquely racist chant. For host Mika Brzezinski, it was a matter of hypocrisy, noting that the rapper both conjures up violent scenarios in his songs and uses some of the same slurs the boys used. “It’s full of n-words, it’s full of f-words. It’s wrong,” she argued. “And he shouldn’t be disgusted with them, he should be disgusted with himself.” (Source: Read more)

Got A Question: So How Do You Know What You Know Is Factual?

Got a question! Just because I got a question don’t mean anyone has to answer it.

So how do you know that what you know is factual?

Just my ignant a…. want to know. You see I am ignant more than I am normal so you can hold that against me.

Maybe you don’t need to respond just let it simmer.

Rocky Mount NC Town hall meeting addresses Web photo – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: It appears that these board members didn’t get invited to the meeting when the Superintendent and others met with Spec. Atkinson earlier in the day. Now that is what tickles the hell out of me. It was stated at this meeting that Dr. Jackson had a crew of folks other than these board members who either were present or via phone call conference. Chavis-Battle, Edge and Silvers ought to be outraged that they were not included in the meeting with Dr. Jackson and Board Chairwoman Evelyn Bullock. Talk about a lack of communication, hell if the board is divided, it explains why the community is divided on this issue due to the lack of communication.

It was stated in the meeting last night that a local minister said in the meeting with Spec. Atkinson, Dr. Jackson, Board Chairwoman Bullock and the others that he didn’t have an issue with how the school system responded because he had the largest church in Rocky Mount. And? Let’s don’t get it twisted not every person in Rocky Mount is a member of one church so for me that is irrelevant.

Also this article don’t give Chavis-Battle justice, this woman lost it again with her comments tonight. She began her rant by saying ya’ll ain’t gonna like what I am about to say. She said that people in the room act as if Dr. Jackson posted the photo and that he and the board were not responsible. She said basically that the statistics shown tonight that highlighted Rocky Mount suspensions were as they are because it starts in the home. She said that black boys are in gangs and all other negatives and etc. Well what did that have to do with perception of the KKK inspired photo that I think everyone would agree on was the reason why we were in the meeting tonight. My question to Chavis-Battle is okay your point well taken however what does that have to do making sure all children are being disciplined fairly when it comes to same type or similar offenses because obviously she and the Nash-Rocky Mount School System don’t see what the community is seeing as it relates to why and how students are being disciplined.

I would love to have been in all of the meetings held with the different groups to just see what all groups had to say. Knowing what was said in each group will show just what kind of mentality we have amongst the adults, however some like Chavis-Battle make it appear it is the children when in all actuality some adults don’t want to deal with the truth as it relates to RACISM.

The problem with this whole situation in my ignant opinion is the photo is a fact and the way the school system handled it is a damn serious problem. Not only did they attempt to silence black children whom voiced their opinions about the photo, but their parents and the community at-large has been silenced. It is a damn shame! The KKK inspired photo is real, KKK written in the highway by the school is real so can’t nobody tell me the perception of KKK activity is not real. We all need to be concerned about the recent activities.

A representative from the U.S. Department of Justice was called in by the Rocky Mount branch of the NAACP to address the ongoing issue of a controversial Internet photo posted last fall on Instagram that showed six female Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools students dressed in white and wearing white, cone-shaped hats similar to Ku Klux Klan 

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson said while the picture of the girls was offensive to many given the state’s painful history of racial strife and established KKK groups, the school system didn’t have the power to punish the students based on the where the incident occurred.

Walter Atkinson, senior conciliation specialist at the Department of Justice, said he met with school officials – namely Jackson and Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education Chairwoman Evelyn Bulluck – on Monday and also spoke with some local ministers Tuesday to get a better understanding of the events surrounding the troublesome photos of the four female students who attend Nash Central High School and two who go to Southern Nash High School. (Source: Read more)

After reading the article in the Telegram watch the video to see what actually happened at the Town Hall meeting: NAACP Town Hall Meeting Department of Justice KKK Inspired Photo Follow-Up Rocky Mount OIC Tuesday March 10, 2015 6:30 PM