I Know The Difference But I Ain’t Mad With You

I just love it when folks say they are my friend and they support me. Well I ain’t mad with them but you know I show my love with action. I show it through The DCN promote folks even some folks whom don’t like me. There are some folks whom I have issues with but I still treat them right because I love everybody.

Just this week I look at all of the conversations going on about the shootings in Tarboro last Saturday. You say you love the family, families but what have you done to show yourself approval other than saying some pretty words. There are simple things you can do. On Monday I carried some food to George Dickens Jr. family and then on Tuesday I did the same for Ian Sherrod’s family. I gave a donation at the Candlelight Vigil for Ana Cruz-Franco and Ventura Sanchez family.

Folks let’s show folks some love and stop pouring out lip service.

Just this week some folks came up to me and told me how much they appreciate what I do and when do I sleep. At the Candlelight Vigil a person whom told me she was going to give me a donation the next time she see me came up to me and handed it to me. You see that was right on time because I gave over half of it to the Cruz-Franco and Sanchez Family. Folks when you give me a donation, I invest it back in the community time and time again.

I just thank God that I was brought up to love folks and to help folks in time of need. I will continue to sacrifice and do what I do for all people.


Ian Sherrod’s Family Just Thinking Don’t He Have A Daughter?

Just thinking I haven’t seen a Go Fund Me set up for Ian’s daughter. Thanks to Pastor Cornell Joyner St. James Temple Missionary Baptist Church and church family for hosting the Candlelight Vigil on Wednesday night and it was set up for donations to be given to all or any family of one’s choice.

I understand the circumstances of the situation however Ian’s wife and daughter have a lost too.

If anyone knows of a fundraiser or how one can donate to Ian’s daughter please share.

Why North Carolina is the new Selma – MSNBC

On this day 50 years ago, 600 marchers stared down a line of state troopers armed with billy clubs and tear gas as they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

En route to Montgomery, the marchers gathered for the trek to the capitol in protest of segregationist tactics that denied African Americans the right to vote. The line of armed officers created an impermeable barrier and, after charging the crowd, left more than 50 people battered, bruised and in need of hospitalization. Televised and witnessed by the nation, the violence was eternalized as a cornerstone in civil rights history. Bloody Sunday made Selma the voting rights battleground of 1965. (Source: Read more)

Here are 7 racist jokes Ferguson police and court officials made over email – VOX

The Political Agitator response: This is a damn shame. So now I want to hear what the folks had to say about how the black folks behaved in Ferguson. What you got to say about how the Police Department and Court Officials behaved. Need to fire all of them a… because all of them probably knew about how they were behaving. Damn now Ignant Racist White Folks who talked about the protestors and the Ignant Safe Negroes who talked about them also, what do you have to say now? You see I am so sick and tired of folks acting as if black folks don’t have the right to get emotional when they have to endure this type of mess. We have feelings and dignity and I be damn if we are going to give it away. 

The US Department of Justice found many, many things wrong in its investigation into the Ferguson Police Department, including a pattern of racial bias. But perhaps the most disturbing findings were the racist email exchanges between police and court officials, which show outright hostility and prejudice toward the St. Louis suburb’s black residents.

Here are the seven emails the Justice Department uncovered, all of which come from current employees and were apparently sent during work hours: (Source: Read more)

After Obama Insults, Farrakhan Calls Rudy Giuliani A “Privileged Cracker”- Black Time Travel

First, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that he thought President Barack Obama didn’t love America. He made the comments while speaking to a crowd of conservatives at a private dinner, saying, “I do not believe— and I know this is a horrible thing to say— but I do not believe that the President loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

Almost immediately, there was a strong reaction— both in support of and against the comments. One of the most outspoken people against Giuliani’s thoughts on the President so far has been Minister Louis Farrakhan, who didn’t hold back when letting Giuliani know what he thought of his remarks. (Source: Read more)

Tarboro native a vital part of the nation’s Navy Reserve – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Proud of another young man that attended SouthWest Edgecombe and lived right down the road from me. Actually I go by where he used to live every day. Keep up the good work Antonio Shields.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – For most, a full-time, professional career is enough fulfillment and responsibility for a single lifetime. But don’t tell that to Antonio Shields.

He has his fulltime civilian job, but he also is a lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve, attached to a unit at Navy Operational Support Center Kitsap.

He doesn’t stop there. On his off-duty time, Shields represents the Navy at funeral services for families of military veterans. He completed more than 60 of those in 2014 alone.

“Wearing the uniform and getting support from the community motivates me to continue to serve,” said Shields. “The Navy Reserve has given me the opportunity to travel the world, serve my country and meet and learn from the best people this country has to offer.” (Source: Read more)