Justice report finds systematic discrimination against African-Americans in Ferguson – CNN

The Political Agitator response: But them damn jokes though. Check them out at the end of the article. As soon as the truth be made known in Ferguson and other places, the better off we will be. Some folks are in denial or just don’t give a damn about what is actually going on in America as it relates to the BLACK FOLKS. But then some folks act like they don’t know why some black folks act like they do. Well I get it. I am not asleep! I am not dreaming! I know what time it is! Folks this is why some white folks don’t want black folks in office because things get revealed. Some white folks don’t want black folks in office because they are afraid that some black folks are going to stir up some stuff. Well hell the truth need to be stirred up! The truth will set us all free however I came to the conclusion a several years ago that some folks don’t want to be. Well I ain’t the one!

The probe is the result of an investigation ordered by Attorney General Eric Holder after the police shooting that killed Michael Brown last summer.

Among the findings, reviewed by CNN: from 2012 to 2014, 85% of people subject to vehicle stops by Ferguson police were African-American; 90% of those who received citations were black; and 93% of people arrested were black. This while 67% of the Ferguson population is black.

In 88% of the cases in which the Ferguson police reported using force, it was against African-Americans. During the period 2012-2014 black drivers were twice as likely as white drivers to be searched during traffic stops, but 26% less likely to be found in possession of contraband.

Blacks were disproportionately more likely to be cited for minor infractions: 95% of tickets for “manner of walking in roadway,” essentially jaywalking, were against African-Americans. Also, 94% of all “failure to comply” charges were filed against black people. (Source: Read more)