Tarboro NC: My Heart Is Heavy For The Families of George Dickens, Ian Sherrod, Ana Cruz-Franco & Ventura Sanchez Along With The Police Officers Involved In The Shooting On Yesterday

My condolences goes out to the Dickens, Sherrod, Cruz-Franco and Sanchez families. My heart is heavy for those whom were in the barbershop especially the children who witnessed the incident. They will never forget this and will probably think about it every time they goes to a barbershop. My brother in law was in the barbershop and witnessed the tragedy also. My sister was tore up when I called her yesterday and that is when I learned he was in the barbershop. My heart is heavy for anyone whom may have witnessed the shooting of Cruz-Franco and Sanchez. My heart is also heavy for the law enforcement officers whom had to bring down the victim. My heart is heavy for all whom knows any of the people involved directly and/or indirectly because this was a sad day in Edgecombe County. My heart is heavy for my son and my adopted son whom were classmates with George’s son up until this school year. They played basketball together in the middle school.

Families my heart is heavy and I just feel so hopeless but Jesus got this. Once we recognize and understand that he’s got it all in his hands the better off we will be. So  I want to leave this song with you, “Call Jesus – The Canton Spirituals featuring Lee Williams”

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