Tarboro NC: My Heart Is Heavy For The Families of George Dickens, Ian Sherrod, Ana Cruz-Franco & Ventura Sanchez Along With The Police Officers Involved In The Shooting On Yesterday

My condolences goes out to the Dickens, Sherrod, Cruz-Franco and Sanchez families. My heart is heavy for those whom were in the barbershop especially the children who witnessed the incident. They will never forget this and will probably think about it every time they goes to a barbershop. My brother in law was in the barbershop and witnessed the tragedy also. My sister was tore up when I called her yesterday and that is when I learned he was in the barbershop. My heart is heavy for anyone whom may have witnessed the shooting of Cruz-Franco and Sanchez. My heart is also heavy for the law enforcement officers whom had to bring down the victim. My heart is heavy for all whom knows any of the people involved directly and/or indirectly because this was a sad day in Edgecombe County. My heart is heavy for my son and my adopted son whom were classmates with George’s son up until this school year. They played basketball together in the middle school.

Families my heart is heavy and I just feel so hopeless but Jesus got this. Once we recognize and understand that he’s got it all in his hands the better off we will be. So  I want to leave this song with you, “Call Jesus – The Canton Spirituals featuring Lee Williams”

Tarboro 27886 Has Some Ignant Racist Damn White Folks That Keep B.S. Going On Even In Times Of Tragedy

On yesterday Sarah Peveler posted my link on Tarboro 27886 about the shooting in Tarboro. A chris joyner someone whom I don’t know went in the attack mode because he had a problem with me reporting the news. He said because I reported before the crime tape was removed and that Taro Knight and Mondre Bynum must have told me what was going on. Damn I didn’t even mention Knight nor Bynum in my post so I don’t know what this ignant a… was talking about. I had to get this ignant a… straight up until the post on the page was removed.

What the ignant a… ignored was that I had made several comments and that I said I would not post anymore until I got concrete information and that is what I did. But the ignant a… ignored that my main thang is to report the facts.

Folks I don’t need anyone to validate my stuff after I post it because it is going to be validated by me when I post it. Now if you want to add to it that is fine but I don’t post stuff and rely on it getting validated by others after I have posted it.

Folks especially them IRAWF’s on Tarboro 27886 and others that have a problem with me and some Ignant Safe Negroes you need to recognize and understand that I ain’t the one. Obviously IRAWF’s ain’t used to black folks whom are not afraid to respond to them. You see I am like Bernie Mac, “I ain’t scare of you …..!” So you gonna learn the day! I don’t make the news, I just report it and I try to report the facts as presented to me from reliable sources in which it is none of your damn business who my sources are. If I should error on the facts then I will make the necessary corrections.

If anyone have a problem with what I post on my social media sites you have options and I don’t think I have to tell you what they are. But just in case you can’t figure it out, then all you have to do is ask and I will help you.

I am a grown damn 52 year old man so if you don’t like me, don’t read my stuff because I am gonna keep doing what I do because I know many folks whom appreciate what I do and I am going to continue to cater to them.

Now back to reporting the news.

Photos/Video: Tarboro NC: Earlier Today I Posted George Dickens Being Shot In His Barber Shop And My Heart Was Heavy Because I Was Out Of Town

Updated: Video of George Dickens Jr. singing in Pinetops in May 2014. I had posted yesterday that I was going to repost this video. No I was not at the scene, actually I was not in town when the tragedy occurred. I also updated link at See Related 4th person dies.

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Earlier today I posted the following on my
Facebook Page, “Damn on my way to Clinton to Basketball game, called my niece in Goldsboro as I was passing through and she told me George Dickens Jr. had been shot. Called my sister and she confirmed he had been shot.”

At this time I didn’t know that it was that serious until I got text messages and more phone calls about the situation. Everyone was saying they were contacting me because they know I post the facts unless I otherwise state that I am going on rumor. However I may sometimes act as if I don’t know something to see what others may post. But when it comes to something this serious as a shooting, I wait on facts from reliable resources. Folks will contact me so that I can get the facts out to help to attempt to shut down the rumor mill.

After I talked to my niece, I received several calls, texts and messages in my inbox. I had to stop so I could see what was going on. The game didn’t begin until 5 PM but my son and my adopted son whom were classmates with George’s son,  we had stopped by the school to talk to the coach and then we left out in front of them around 12:35.

What I did not share earlier was when I called my sister she was crying and all tore up because my brother in law was in the barber shop when the suspect came in and shot George. My brother in law was at the police station at the time I was talking to my sister.

I was reading all kinds of stuff on Facebook about what had happened and I posted, “I am waiting on concrete information before I post more. I have heard several stories but not saying anymore right now.” I also posted 2 comments later, “I do know someone that was in the shop when it happened but I haven’t talked to him yet.” The person that was in the shop I was referring to was my brother in law.

Later I posted the following: Breaking News! George Dickens Jr was shot in his barber shop around noon today and he died enroute to the hospital. The suspect Ian Sherrod then left the scene and shot 2 Hispanic neighbors a male and female couple. The female died and it appears that the male is not going to make it. The suspect Sherrod was later killed by law enforcement.

What another sad day in Edgecombe County.

Reporting from Clinton NC.

This morning I had taken my son and my dad to get their hair cut and I went to BoJangles and was on my laptop. A friend came in and we were talking and another friend came in and the first friend asked the 2nd friend did she know me. She said yes, I tell my husband all the time she goes to my page to get the truth. 

I was receiving calls, texts and inboxes folks were contacting me to see what the truth was. I said to them it was ironic a lady just said this morning she goes to my social media sites to get the truth. Folks I try to report the truth.

Sources say Sherrod and Dickens used to work in the same barber shop but both men had their own shops. Obviously this must have been a friendship gone bad.

I know Dickens well but I don’t know if I know Sherrod however I knew his mother.

My condolences goes out to all of the family members whom were involved today in the tragic shootings.

Again another sad day in Edgecombe County.

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