CBC Chairman: ‘Black America Is in a State of Emergency’ – Roll Call

The Political Agitator response: These are some of the most ignant comments. I just love it how folks make it all about folks whom don’t want to work versus folk that does. Anyone in their right minds know damn well the Congressman is not talking about folks whom want to abuse the system. So what has the Republican Party done for black folks? So what would a white President have done as it relates to black folks? I am so glad I can think for myself and don’t have to rely on ignant comments when I read articles like this. I didn’t see the President’s name mentioned in the article anywhere and some of the other things mentioned in the ignant comments. I am waiting for the day that those whom have so damn much to say commenting on articles, will stick to the article itself and speak to the points mentioned. But they can’t do that because their main thing is to attempt to mislead and scare folks.

The Congressional Black Caucus is still getting up and running for the 114th Congress — it announced its staff Monday — but its new chairman sees an urgency for an organization that has long been known to represent the interests of minorities and the poor.

“We have a traditional role and that is to be the conscience of the Congress,” Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., told CQ Roll Call on Feb. 20. “We’ve been using ‘conscience of the Congress’ as our brand, if you will, since our founding. But we’ve got to do more than that because black America is in a state of emergency right now.”

Butterfield noted that 1 in 4 black families — and 1 in 3 black children — live in poverty, while the unemployment rate for African-Americans is roughly double that for whites.

“We cannot continue down this path,” the North Carolina Democrat said. “We have to be assertive. We have to be more aggressive.” (Source: Read more)


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