Why so many Americans still deny racism exists when the evidence is everywhere – VOX

The Political Agitator response: Anyone in their right mind knows racism exist however they may be in denial or just don’t care. For me I care because it is a dangerous thing to be around folks whom know that racism exist and they act as if it does not. You see this type of mentality can get people hurt, killed and/or put in jail for a short/long term unjustly. If everyone acknowledged racism existed and spoke out against it, the world would be a better place. For me I know it exist and I will continue to speak out against it.

In 1944, Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal, in his famous study An American Dilemma, unpacked the hypocrisy of Jim Crow segregation in a society based on liberty and equality.

The new PBS documentary American Denial picks up this decades-old question and asks it again: how in the world can a country that claims to cherish freedom and fairness treat black people so terribly?

Using Myrdal’s work as an entry point, director Llewellyn (“Llew”) Smith and producers Christine Herbes-Sommers and Kelly Thomson offer a new answer that’s based on a modern, research-grounded understanding of how oppression works. The film makes the case that everything from the racialized police-involved violence that has captured the country’s attention in recent months, to educational inequalities, economic disparities, and the incarceration crisis all have a common root: unconscious racism, also known as implicit bias. They pin the blame on a belief — so deeply entrenched that many of us aren’t aware that we hold it — that white is better than black. (Source: Read more)


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