Princeville NC: Yesterday I Delivered DVD’s of 5 Events Princeville 130th Birthday Celebration And A Copy Of The Black History Presentation At My Church To The Senior Citizens

Yesterday I delivered videos of the events that I videoed during the Princeville 130th Birthday Celebration and a copy of the Black History Presentation at Anderson Chapel MBC. The Seniors will get a chance to see the weeks festivities celebrating the oldest town incorporated by slaves that I recorded along with the Black History Presentation featuring Dr. Evelyn Johnson at my church on this past Sunday. I truly believe the Seniors will enjoy these DVDs.

I am going to seek some other places where Seniors congregate to see if I can possibly share my DVDs with them.

So folks when I ask for donations, it ain’t for me to live off, I have a real job. The donations help with my equipment, buying DVDs, labels, ink to type labels, vehicle expense ie: gas and etc. I spent $300.00 total on Friday February 13 and Monday February 16 for repairs. I do have to travel to locations to be able to video events.

When you be a blessing to me, you just don’t know how much of a blessing you are really giving because it reaches beyond me. But when you don’t be a blessing to me, it is alright because I am going to continue to be a blessing to folks and will reap all of the blessing when you could be receiving a blessing by being a blessing to others.

Now meditate on that because who else do you know that has the type of video ministry that I have. Go to The DCN TV and see where you can find these events. You can request a copy of the events on a DVD and when you do that you are being a blessing to me and others.

Krispy Kreme Apologizes After Coming Up With World’s Most Racist Ad Campaign (IMAGES) – Addicting Info

The Political Agitator response: So since this was suppose to be about children, that ain’t right! Damn I just went there on Friday and then again today. I have 3 more coupons. Since the coupons were given to me, maybe I need to give them back to the person that gave them to me.

The marketing team at a Krispy Creme outlet in Kingston Upon Hull, England had high hopes for their bright new promotional campaign.  After all, who on earth would want to miss “KKK Wednesday”?

“KKK Wednesdays was to be part of the doughnut shop’s half-term activities – a series of planned events for children during a week-long break from school.” (Source: Read more)